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Emory Autism Center Leadership featured in ABC News OnCall+Autism

Gail McGee, Ph.D.:


Emory Autism Center

What Is ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), And How Does It Work?

What Is Discrete-Trial ABA, And What Is Different About Newer ABA Procedures Such As Incidental Teaching?

What Is The Difference Between ABA And A Developmental Approach To Early Autism Intervention?

What Is 'Floor-Time Therapy'?

What Is The Denver Model?

What Is The TEAACH Model Mentioned In Many Public Schools?

What If There Do Not Seem To Be Any Interventional Rewards That My Child Enjoys?

What Is Asperger Syndrome, And How Does It Differ From Autistic Disorder?

How Does Asperger Syndrome Differ From Autistic Disorder?

How Does PDD-NOS Differ From Autistic Disorder And Asperger Syndrome?

What Is High-Functioning Autism, And How Does High-Functioning Autism Differ From Asperger Syndrome?

Michael Morrier, Ph.D., BCBA-D

What Types Of Things Can I Do Outside Of School To Complement My Child's Educational Plan?

How Do I Ensure The Safety Of My Child (With Autism) At School And Make Sure They Are Not Teased Or Bullied?

How Can Computers And Software Be Used To Help Educate Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders?

How Do I Maintain A Positive Relationship With The School/Teacher?

How Do I Prepare For An IEP Meeting, And Should I Bring An Advocate Or An Attorney?

What Academic Modifications Are Reasonable And Potentially Useful To Request For A Student With Autism?

What Kinds Of Things Will Be Included In The IEP For My Child With Autism?

What Kind Of Community Activities Are Beneficial For My Child With Autism?

Sheila Wagner, M.Ed.:

What Is A Neurotypical, And Why Do Many In The Autism Community Use This Word?

How Do Entitlements For Public Funding Change When My Child Turns 22?

What Are Career Paths In Which Adults With Autism Are Often Successful?

What Is Personal Futures Planning?

How Can My Child With Autism Be Assisted In A Productive Transition From High School To College?

What Are The Key Components Of A High School-To-Adult Transition Plan?

What Are The Major Goals For Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorders?
Are There Strategies For Helping Adolescents With Autism Adjust To Puberty?

Can My Teenager With Autism Get A Driver's License?

Toni Thomas

How Can I Ensure My Child With Autism Will Be Taken Care Of Once I Am No Longer Able To Do So?
How Do I Balance My Concerns For My Child's Safety And His/Her Need For Independence?

What Leisure Activities Are Good Options For Adults With Autism, And Is It Important To Exercise Regularly?

What Types Of Therapeutic Supports May Improve The Quality Of Life For Individuals With Autism?

What Living Arrangements Are Realistic Options For Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorders?

Do Some Children With Autism Still End Up Living In Institutions?

Opal Ousley, Ph.D.

What Are The Benefits Of Genetic Testing In Children With Autism?

Are General Education Classrooms Or Special Education Classrooms Better For A Child With Autism?

Should I Tell Others I Am On The Autism Spectrum -- And If So, How?

Other People With Asperger Syndrome Are The Only Ones Who Understand Me, So Why Should I Spend Time With Neurotypicals?

Now That I Am An Adult, Isn't It My Right To Stay Home Alone As Much As I Want?

Why Do People Tell Me I'm Rude, And What Are Strategies For Getting Along With People In Social Situations?

What Are Strategies For Getting Along With People At Work Such As Colleagues And My Supervisor?

How Do I Meet People, Date, Manage An Existing Relationship, And Have A Healthy Sex Life With Autism?