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Monarch Education and Transition Services

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder can be very complex students to educate, requiring a high level of expertise in the school system. The rising prevalence rates (1/68 CDC) have meant that schools are seeing increased numbers of students with this disorder requiring educational intervention. Since no two students with ASD are alike, teachers need research-based, practical and creative methods to use in the daily classroom — both in special and general education classes.

Over the last 23 years, the highly successful Education and Transition Services (formerly School Age) Program component of the Emory Autism Center at Emory University has made it possible for many students with ASD (K-12) to succeed in their neighborhood schools.  Through on-going collaboration and the availability of on-site expertise, school districts throughout the state of Georgia have increased their knowledge base in understanding autism. Please call us for more details; we look forward to transforming educational opportunities and expanding the knowledge base of this disorder amongst professionals in the school and community.