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Family and Behavior Services

The Monarch Program’s Family and Behavior Services support families by helping their school-aged children and adolescents (K-12) with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn important and functional skills necessary to have a better quality of life and be full participants in their communities.  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is used to improve areas such as appropriate behavior, functional communication, social skills, leisure skills, independent skills, and other adaptive skills (including toilet training).

In addition, family members are shown how to use the same strategies and techniques at home and elsewhere to further enhance their children’s and adolescents’ skills and abilities.  The caring and experienced clinicians work with each family individually, listening to their concerns and priorities, and help them achieve their own unique goals.  Most of our services are provided in a hands-on fashion, meaning that working with the child/adolescent is a central part.  These services can be provided on an as-needed basis, as well.  All skill levels are welcome. 


  1. Intensive 1-Week Program:
    This 20- to 25-hour hands-on training focuses on making the most notable improvements in the child or adolescent’s skills in a week and on showing the family how to continue to improve those skills at home and in the community.  More information is included here in the flyer.

  2. Intensive 1-Day Program:
    This 5-hour hands-on training helps the family learn techniques and strategies in order to make improvements in their child or adolescent's skills at home and in the community. An individual training agenda will be developed for each family and can include several goals.

  3. In-Clinic Family Services:
    Weekly or biweekly hands-on sessions focus on teaching families how to design and implement an ABA program tailored to meet their own child’s/adolescent’s/family’s needs.  Families work on the skill training at home in between sessions and come back weekly for follow-up training and how to help their child move on to the next level.

  4. Goal Planning Meetings:
    This individual 1 to 2-hour informational meeting is provided to help families increase their knowledge and skills in order to better support their child or adolescent with ASD.  Professional recommendations and input regarding treatment options are reviewed.

  5. Home Consultations:
    These hands-on sessions target behaviors and skills that are unique to the home environment or specific to the community (e.g., the barber shop, grocery store, doctor’s office, etc.).  Going to the home can be a consideration in most of our service options.

  6. School/Home Cross-training:
    School/Home Cross-training offers the availability of in-home training on identified skills with the family and individual with ASD.  This is followed in the school setting with intensive, skill-set training with the teaching staff to facilitate the generalization and functionality of skills across both settings.

  7. Out-of-state and International Families:
    We also enjoy working with families from other states and countries.  We can help you with finding lodging and/or other needs to make your trip a success.  Traveling is an option for us, as well.

  8. Workshops:
    Designed to help families develop a solid understanding of ASD and ways to improve the quality of their child or adolescent’s life.  Workshops may include such topics as Designing Effective Behavior Support Plans, Teaching Language and Communication, Increasing Social Interactions, and Toilet Training.  The length of the workshop(s) will be determined by need and scheduled at the convenience of the agency or family.

Our Monarch Program’s Family and Behavior Services staff is happy to discuss other formats to meet the needs of the family and agencies, and we look forward to hearing from you!

For more information and pricing, please contact Charles Coleman, Coordinator of Family and Behavior Services, by e-mail at crcolem@emory.edu or at (404) 727-8350.