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Adults with autism learn independence on college campus
The Emory Autism Center is making use of the Emory University campus for an initiative to help adults with autism spectrum disorder learn and practice important life skills.


EMORY news center
Emory Autism Center and Atlanta airport train employees to assist individuals with autism
This first-of-its-kind training program at Hartsfield-Jackson airport was initiated as part of the center’s AWARE initiative.


Who will care for adults with autism?

Dr. Joseph Cubells, director of medical and adult services at the Emory Autism Center, discusses challenges concerning the rising number of adults with autism.


Looking at a blood test for autism

Dr. Michael Morrier, assistant director of the Emory Autism Center, discusses the clinical trial and the importance of diagnosing autism as soon as possible for children.


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Emory studies autism blood test

Emory now will be one of 20 places across the country to study the accuracy of a blood test for autism. Dr. Michael Morrier of the Emory Autism Center discusses the study.


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CDC surveys show autism more common than thought

Dr. Michael Morrier of the Emory Autism Center said that may be especially true in older school-age kids who may have slipped through the cracks.


Mothers fight to pass Ava's Law for autism coverage
"The earlier you start a child in this treatment, and the more intense the treatment, the better they do," says Dr. Michael Morrier, assistant director of the Emory Autism Center at the Emory University School of Medicine.


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The Autism Gap: What Works

Michael Morrier, PhD, Assistant Director of the Emory Autism Center, discusses the cost of autism treatments and the importance of typical peer models


Emory Report
Popular culture getting in touch with autism

Joseph Cubells, MD, PhD, discusses how parents and family members of autistic children can communicate and show affection by embracing the child's interests.


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Emory's Walden Childhood Center works to further understand autism

Michael Morrier, PhD, Assistant Director of the Emory Autism Center, discusses the importance of early intervention for children who are diagnosed with autism, and the advantages of integration with typically developing children for learning social skills.


90.1 FM WABE
World Autism Awareness Day: New CDC Study finds 1 in 84 Georgia children affected by autism

Dr. Michael Morrier, assistant director for research and program evaluation at the Emory Autism Center, says the study highlights the need for early diagnosis and treatment.


New Autism research underscores need for early diagnosis

Michael Morrier, PhD discusses the importance of early identification and treatment. Walden Early Childhood Center is featured.


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Mainstreaming treatment showing strides in Autism
Michael Morrier, PhD, associate director of the Emory Autism Center, says that mainstreaming [putting children with autism together with typically developing children] at Emory Autism Center's Walden Early Childhood Center has resulted in 93 percent of them leaving four years later with functional verbal language.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Young autistic adults get help navigating the stress of air travel

They were all part of a recent collaboration between Emory University's Autism Center, Hartsfield-Jackson and AirTran Airways that tries to help people with autism get used to the process of flying.


Field Trips Help Prepare Autistic Adults for Air Travel

Toni Thomas discusses air travel practice for adults with autism.


A guide to making the autism puzzle fit

Sheila Wagner discusses how students with ASD's can succeed in school when principals set the standard for training, tolerance, and support.
(Link no longer available)


medpage TODAY
Checklist may spot autism at one year checkup:

Michael Morrier, PhD comments that early identification and treatment for ASDs could "dramatically change the course of a child's development."


World Autism Awareness Day:
Opal Ousley, PhD
and Monica Allen discuss the importance of early detection and intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


The Experts Speak:

Sheila Wagner Speaks on Asperger's Syndrome


A prekindergartener works on an art project at the Walden Early Childhood Center at Emory University in Atlanta.


Sheila Wagner's
book, Inclusive Programming for High School Students with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome, received the 2010 Outstanding Literary Award (Educational Division) from the Autism Society of America.


Emory Report
Choices' "Get a Life" Program:

Adults with autism gain friends, confidence


Michael J. Morrier, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Assistant Director
, discusses early diagnosis, intervention, socialization, and education


Emory Autism Center
and Georgia Tech University Team Up To Develop New Autism Test


Adults With Autism - Interview with
Joseph Cubells, M.D., Ph.D.

Emory geneticists and clinicians are working with families to unravel autism and its triggers one gene at a time.


abc NEWS OnCall+Autism
Emory Autism Center Leadership featured in ABC News OnCall+Autism