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Prescription Policy

To All Clients and Families:

To provide the best quality of care, we ask that you please note our policy regarding prescriptions.

  • Prescriptions will only be provided at appointments.
  • If an appointment is canceled or missed, one courtesy refill will be provided for each medication. These courtesy refill prescriptions, with only a few exceptions, will be provided on Thursday. No additional prescriptions will be provided until the next appointment.
  • If a prescription is lost, damaged or rendered unusable, a refill will be issued on the following Thursday only after a written explanation regarding why the refill is required has been received by our office. This explanation must be signed by the legal guardian/client, and you can fax it to 404-712-2378.
  • Sufficient refills will be provided at each appointment to last until the next appointment. Each prescription that you receive will have the number of refills clearly marked. When you give the prescription to the pharmacist, it is helpful to point out the number of refills. When you pick up your medication, please check to be certain that the bottle is labeled with the correct number of refills. If your prescription is written for the correct number of refills and you accept a bottle with the label showing no refills or an incorrect number of refills, you will need to rectify that discrepancy with your pharmacist. Another prescription will not be provided.
  • Please remember that by law, stimulant medications cannot be called in to pharmacies. You must pick up prescriptions to take to your pharmacy.
  • No prescriptions will be mailed.

Please keep up with your prescriptions carefully and ask for a refill at least one week before the medication runs out.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.