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Our Staff

For every three curious, active children in our Toddler and Early Preschool classrooms, there is at least one enthusiastic teacher standing ready to be the bridge to yet another learning experience (sneakily designed as fun). 

In the Preschool classroom, there is one teacher for approximately every four children.

For children preparing for kindergarten, there is one teacher for approximately every 5 children to enable increased independence and social negotiation skills. 

The staff at Walden receive professional training in incidental teaching, and they are intensively supervised.  All of the teachers are exceptional.  Most are college graduates, whose backgrounds are in a variety of fields related to child development.  The  Center has certified teachers on site and the Program and Educational Coordinators have over three decades of experience working with young children in inclusive classrooms. 

Director Gail G. McGee, Ph.D., an associate professor at Emory, founded the original Walden school in 1985.  Since then, Walden has become a nationally-recognized program for providing young children with a quality early childhood experience.