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Walden was a place described by naturalist-philosopher Henry David Thoreau as “a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched.”

We are licensed by Georgia’s BRIGHT FROM THE START:   Department of Early Care and Learning
Bright from the Start

Walden is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

The Pre-k classroom receives grant funding from the Georgia Lottery program
Georgia Lottery

At the Walden Early Childhood Center, children’s early childhood years are valued as magical, teachable moments.  We combine a natural developmental approach with systematic instruction to enhance your child’s language, social, and academic growth.

     Through a method known as incidental teaching, Walden staff are specially trained to use children’s natural curiosity and interests to teach new knowledge and skills through play.  Every aspect of the environment at Walden is carefully arranged to ensure that fun and learning go hand in hand.

     The results, by the way, are anything but incidental.  The daily schedule offers children small group activities, independence in self-care routines, kindergarten readiness, dramatic play, and individual instruction.  For older children, early reading and math skills are taught during games, at the computer, and through individualized materials.  Allowing children some choice in their instructional materials is not only more fair, it is more productive; this way, kids are challenged to learn about those things in which they have an interest.

 At Walden, we teach a love for—and mastery of—language and social interaction that will continue to inspire your child even after the preschool years.  For example, new vocabulary terms are taught during free play with toys that encourage your child’s interest and imagination, and conversational skills are the focus during Walden’s always spirited lunches.

     An appreciation for other’s differences will mark the time your child spends with us.  For this reason, we include children with autism, who participate in classroom activities with a majority of typical children.

     The interactions between these groups of children are richly rewarding.  The verbal and social skills of the children with autism are increased through their interest in and interactions with typical children.  The typical children, for their part, flourish in the role of peer tutors.  On the whole, cooperative social relationships are fostered through games and positive attention from nurturing teachers.