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Racial Injustice In America: Where Are We Now?
By Douglas E. Lewis, Jr., PsyD
10/12/2021 - Psychology Today
The murder of George Floyd raised American consciousness regarding racial issues but over a year later, are we moving in the right direction?

COVID-19 Brings Mental Health Into The Spotlight
By Erica D. Marshall Lee, PhD, Shanteria Owens, PhD and Scot R. Seitz, PhD
9/27/2021 - Psychology Today
COVID-19 has helped make mental health a mainstream conversation. Now is a great time for all of us to contribute to this positive change.

Protecting Trans Students Is a Matter of Life or Death
By Erica D. Marshall Lee, PhD
6/25/2021 - Psychology Today
LGBTQ+ individuals face ongoing daily challenges that are often misunderstood or discounted by the public at large or not fully understood by well-meaning allies.  

The Unspoken Message of Naomi Osaka
By Liza Zwiebach, PhD
6/11/2021 - Psychology Today
Naomi Osaka’s brave statement about mental health misses an opportunity to send a message of hope and positivity for those who believe they must live with anxiety and depression.

What Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Experience Today
By Erica D. Marshall Lee, PhD, Shujing Zhang, MSEd, MPhilEd, and Ginny Chan, PhD
6/10/2021 - Psychology Today
I had no idea how vulnerable it is to be a Chinese immigrant, an AAPI, and a BIPOC. Hatred has resulted in an alarmingly high prevalence of hate crimes against AAPI communities.

Large and Small Dehumanizations
By Nicole Azores-Gococo, PhD
3/26/2021 - Psychology Today
The Atlanta-area spa murders and increasing anti-Asian violence across the country raise unsettling—but not new—questions about racism, privilege, and voice.

What’s Going On? Cancel Culture, Censorship, Racial Healing
By Erica D. Marshall Lee, PhD
3/19/2021 - Psychology Today
Marginalized communities deserve to live free from the injury created by racism and discrimination. That means respectable, inclusive, and equitable spaces for all.

What’s Stopping Me from Taking the Covid-19 Vaccine?
By Douglas E. Lewis, Jr., PsyD
2/8/2021 - Psychology Today
Studies show that Black Americans are dying from Covid-19 at a higher rate than their White counterparts, while being vaccinated at a much lower rate than Whites.

Change Gone Come… O Yes It Will
By Erica D. Marshall Lee, PhD
1/30/2021 - Psychology Today
Psychologists have a role to play in addressing racial trauma, which is comprised of both individual and collective damage due to exposure and re-exposure to racial incidents.

Our Pain is Endless
By Erica D. Marshall Lee, PhD
1/10/2021 - Psychology Today
After the assault on the United States Capitol on January 6th, my heart breaks for my country. But there is no surprise here.

2020: A Year to Remember
By Margaret Martinez, PhD
12/16/2020 - Psychology Today
2020 is a year of milestones most of us want to forget. However, 2020 will henceforth be known as the year I finally confronted my own white privilege.

He Just Needs to Behave
By Elsa Friis-Healy, PhD
11/23/2020 - Psychology Today
There is racial bias in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. To counteract these biases, parents, teachers, and therapist must be attuned to these biases and associated disparities, check their own biases, and advocate on behalf of children.

All Votes Matter
by Naadira C. Upshaw, PsyD and Douglas E. Lewis, Jr., PsyD
10/31/2020 - Psychology Today
The least of our civic duties is voting in every election. We know that if everyone simply voted, we could ensure that there are diverse perspectives and voices heard.  On the contrary, if we choose not to vote, we let other people decide the fate of our communities. 

This is Nothing New
by Erica D. Marshall-Lee, PhD
10/23/2020 - Psychology Today
Atrocities against women are nothing new. Injustices against fill in the marginalized group are nothing new. My own response as I write this sentence yet again ranges from deep despair and hopelessness to sheer unadulterated anger and rage.

Vote for the Health of It
by Veronica J. Motley, EdD, LPC
10/21/2020 - Psychology Today
Voting is framed as fundamental to the democratic process. Here are 3 ways that it also promotes well-being. 

Who Cares if I Wear a Mask
by Michelle M. Robbins, PhD
8/4/2020 - Psychology Today
I wonder why wearing masks is even an issue during this global pandemic. I mean, I get that they are not the most comfortable things to wear, especially relative to my recent attire of yoga pants and t-shirts. In the south, where summer temperatures rise above 90 degrees, masks are especially unpleasant!

The Time is Now, and the Choice is Yours
by Erice Lee, PhD
8/3/2020 - Psychology Today
As many in our country mourn the loss of one of our greatest modern-day social justice leaders, I reflect on the directives that moved him. 

Thirty-Nine Years Ago in June
by Eugene Farber, PhD, ABPP
7/6/2020 - Psychology Today
“What’s gonna happen now?” my psychotherapy client worriedly asked me.  Because he’s considered high risk for complications of novel coronavirus disease, our session was held virtually as he sheltered in place at home.

You Have Cancer: Finding Hope with a New Cancer Diagnosis during COVID-19
by Susi Hupp, MD
7/2/2020 - Psychology Today
Being a cancer patient amidst a pandemic can be summed up in three words: fear, failure, and hope.  

The Crime and Illness of Being Black: Past and Present
by Keith Wood, PhD, ABPP
6/25/2020 - Psychology Today
According to a June 11 ABC News analysis, Black people are arrested at a rate five times higher than white people. These findings were used in the analysis as evidence that American policing of Black people is different than it is for white people.

It's Because You are White
by Marianne Celano, PhD, ABPP
6/9/2020 - Psychology Today
As a psychologist, I struggle with how to bring anti-racism efforts into the therapy room, particularly when my white clients act as if I share their racial prejudices or privilege blindness because I am also white. 

Modern-Day Public Lynchings
by Naadira Upshaw, PsyD, and Douglas Lewis, PsyD
5/30/2020 - Psychology Today
Social media has become the primary source for current events, social connectedness, and targeted advertisement. Advantages have come from social media, particularly the capacity to acquire information in real-time.

by Elsa Friis, PhD, and Susi Hupp, MD
5/24/2020 - Psychology Today
I wear a mask to protect my best friend who is undergoing chemo #MaskingForAFriend. Who do you wear a mask for?

Fragile? It's All a Matter of Perspective
by Erica Marshall-Lee, PhD
5/22/2020 - Psychology Today
I wish I could do more, but even if I could, I am exhausted, and I do not know how I would. I was able to shelter in place and work from home earlier than others in my department. 

What are We Really Fighting? COVID-19 Racism and Xenophobia
by Elsa Friis, PhD, Erica Marshall-Lee, PhD, and Martha Ward, MD
5/9/2020 - Psychology Today
Our nation is facing an extraordinary crisis that requires us to come together, not reopen and further deepen wounds.