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Vision and Values

Strategic Plan
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Emory School of Medicine

Our 10-year vision is to: Be a leader in transformative discovery, education, and care in psychiatry, behavioral health, and neuroscience

Our Mission is to:

  • Provide outstanding, innovative, and holistic care to our patients and their families
  • Facilitate faculty, staff and trainees in thinking critically, acting compassionately, and becoming leaders in scholarship, clinical care, and education.
  • Be leaders in creative research that spans all phases of the life cycle and the breadth of discovery from basic science to health outcomes
  • Drive meaningful community service, advocacy, and policymaking

Our Values:

Excellence, integrity, inclusivity, innovative scholarship, social responsibility

Areas of Strategic Intent:


  • Establish a transparent and team-oriented culture that promotes shared values, goals, and accountability
  • Welcome diverse voices and perspectives
  • Be leaders in promoting Brain Health


  • Be the leader in developing, testing and implementing new models of behavioral health care
  • Integrate behavioral health services throughout all the healthcare systems associated with the department
  • Create team-based programs that integrate clinical, research, and training missions to further patient access, continuity of care, and quality of care 


  • Support career growth and development of all faculty, staff, and trainees
  • Design and/or adopt innovative educational techniques and programs.
  • Advance international education collaborations


  • Lead in behavioral, mental health, and neuroscience discovery from bench to bedside to community
  • Create a culture to increase the participation of all members of the Department in scholarly activities
  • Improve research collaborations within Emory and with other institutions


  • Foster community engagement and education
  • Cultivate and sustain mutually beneficial, collaborative relationships with the local community, regional, national, and international partners
  • Enhance philanthropy