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Vision and Values

10-Year Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Vision

Become an innovative global leader in transformative discovery, education, and care


The values defined below are basic tenets of behavior for all faculty and staff.

  • Excellence – We are committed to the highest level of performance. 
  • Integrity/Ethics – We are committed to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our work and through our actions. We expect from ourselves honesty, integrity and accountability.
  • Teamwork/Collaboration/Collegiality – We foster a community where caring and fairness result in collegiality.  We are committed to teamwork and cooperative relationships. We take pride in what we do as individuals and as part of a team.
  • Discovery/Innovation/Scientific Advancement/Scholarship – We value innovation through creativity, discipline, unwavering commitment, and responsibility.  Our faculty, staff, trainees, and partners form a strong and vital community committed to excellence in innovation and science.
  • Social Responsibility/Service/Citizenship/Community – We are committed to the emotional and physical well-being of our community and will actively partner to ensure the provision of mental health services.

Our Pledge

We will treat each other the way we want to be treated.

We will…

  • treat everyone as professionals and with respect and dignity
  • greet each other by name
  • welcome and encourage new team members
  • be honest and open in all interactions
  • be respectful of everyone’s privacy
  • be culturally and racially sensitive

We will not…

  • raise our voices in anger or use sarcasm or profanity
  • be passive-aggressive
  • make culturally or racially derogatory remarks
  • undermine each other’s work
  • criticize each other and Emory in public spaces

We will cultivate a spirit of inquiry.

We will…

  • ask “why” when we have questions or concerns, especially about safety
  • ask for a pause when we think someone is about to make a mistake or do something unsafe
  • thank each other for raising concerns
  • declare our openness to the inquiry of others

We will not …

  • respond with anger or sarcasm when someone requests a pause
  • intentionally belittle or respond in a threatening or condescending manner when someone asks a question
  • tolerate rudeness
  • stifle learning

We will defer to each other’s expertise.

We will…

  • encourage each other to offer different perspectives
  • recognize that all members make important contributions to the team
  • seek help when we don’t know the answer

We will not …

  • belittle or ignore the ideas and perspectives offered by each other
  • assume that expertise is overruled by age, profession, or rank

We will communicate effectively.

We will…

  • listen thoughtfully and ask for clarification when we don’t understand
  • check that others have understood when we say something important
  • remain respectful with our body language and tone of voice
  • remain calm when confronted with or responding to stressful situations
  • use scripts, read-back, repeat-back, or other techniques where appropriate to reduce the chance of misunderstanding

We will not …

  • stifle clarifying questions
  • interrupt our team members unnecessarily
  • say “it’s not my job” or “it’s not my responsibility”

We will commit to these behaviors in support of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences department and service line

We will…

  • encourage and support each other
  • hold each other accountable for the behaviors identified in this Pledge

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