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Our Teaching and Supervising Faculty

Stefanie Speanburg, PhD, LCSW, FABP, Director


Gail Anderson, MD

Samuel Brown, MD

Juliet Buchwalter, PhD

Susan Chance, PhD

Nancy Chase, PhD, LCSW

Lisa Cheyette, PhD

Andrea Crowell, MD

Robert Elliot, MD

Cheryl Eschbach, MD

Andrew Furman, MD

Sybil Ginsburg, MD

Sharon Harp, LCSW

Mary Lisa Henry, PhD, LCSW

Wendy Jacobson, MD

Kendle Jenkins, MS, LPC

Salley Jessee, MD

Yudit Jung, Ph.D., LCSW

Lucie Klein-Coulton, LCSW

Eleanor Lee, LCSW

Carol Levy, MSN, MPH

Steven Levy, MD

Kareen Malone, PhD, LPC

Noelle McAfee, PhD

Derek O’Brien, MD

John Paddock, PhD

Bobby Paul, PhD

Lisa Rosof, MD

Bruce Rudisch, MD

Alexandra Sawicki, MD

Karen Schwartz, PhD

Stefanie Speanburg, PhD, LCSW

Mark Stoholski, PhD, LCSW

Beverly Stoute, MD

 Laura Westen, PhD

Jane Yates, PhD

Consultant to EUPI Faculty: Ralph Roughton M.D.