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Recent Graduates


Lauren Butterfield, MD

Private Community Agency

Nicole King, MD

Public Community Mental Health Center

Dana Reid, OD

Private Practice/ College Student Health/ Community Mental Health

Colin Stewart, MD

Georgetown University

Ron Magat, MD

Community Mental Health/ Private practice

Sarah Vinson, MD

Morehouse COM/ Forensics/ Private Practice

Jonathan Levy, MD

Private Practice/ Renfrew Center for Eating Disorders

Kristin Weinschenk, MD

College Student Health

Ayo Afejuku, MD

Department of Juvenile Justice, Texas

Sonali Bora, MD

CHOA, Egleston Children's Hospital

Nabila Haque, MD

Private Community Agency

Nia Sipp, MD

Residential Treatment Facility

Aaron Godwin, MD

Medical Director, Child/ Adolescent Unit, Private Hospital

Karen Stewart, MD

Kaiser Permanente 

Jen Whaley, MD

Kaiser Permanente

Brent Wilson, MD

Private Practice/ Community Mental Health

Allison Nitsche, MD

University of Utah

Smitha Bhandari, MD

Private Practice/ Student Health

Cliff Ehmke, MD

Army Reserves/ Private Community Agency