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The overarching aims of Emory’s Postdoctoral Residency Program in Health Service Psychology are to ensure that long-term, residents are prepared to: (1) function as competent and capable psychologists who engage in a broad array of evidence-based health service psychology activities; (2) serve as collaborative, ethical, and culturally-competent team members, leaders, and advocates in diverse settings; and (3) navigate career choices across their professional lifespan that are consistent with their passions and that meet the needs of the public in an evolving  disciplinary and professional landscape.  In keeping with these overarching aims, the following are the more specific aims of the postdoctoral residency program. Postdoctoral residents will attain advanced competence and demonstrate capability in the following areas: (1) Professionalism, (2) Communication and Interpersonal Skills, (3) Individual and Cultural Diversity, (4) Ethical and Legal Standards, (5) Integration of Science and Practice, (6) Assessment, (7) Intervention, (8) Consultation & Interprofessional/Interdisciplinary Skills, (9) Research, (10) Supervision, and (11) Advocacy