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Educational Opportuntiites

Training expands the intern’s existing knowledge base in general clinical psychology, psychopathology, neuroanatomy, neuropathology, and the neurosciences and fosters the intern’s development as a psychology scientist-practitioner. Through didactic and experiential training, the intern develops a strong understanding of brain-behavior relationships and furthers his or her knowledge in basic psychological principles, psychometric issues, and general clinical psychology, as well as practice and professional issues. A variety of didactic training opportunities are available to the intern including a weekly Neuropsychology Case Seminar is available at each training site during which interns regularly present cases and discuss relevant neuropsychological literature. Faculty lectures throughout the year provide advanced instruction in areas relevant to the practice of clinical neuropsychology and guest lecturers provide introduction to neurological and neuroradiological examination techniques including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (anatomical and functional) and electroencephalography. Interns also participate in the weekly Psychology Intern Seminar Series and the Family Therapy Case Conference with the general interns on the Grady campus. Interns also may attend Neurology, Rehabilitation Medicine, and Psychiatry Grand Rounds, a Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Conference (during the child rotation), and clinical brain dissections in the Emory Pathology Department (during the adult rotation) and a multi-disciplinary Dementia Diagnosis Consensus Conference (during the geriatric rotation).

Participation in the Neuropsychology Case Seminars, Psychology Intern Seminar, Family Therapy Case Conference, and brain dissection is mandatory.  Interns must also select and attend a minimum of one additional training activity each week.