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Minor Rotations

Interns are required to complete three minor treatment-oriented rotations. Each minor rotation is four months in length and accounts for approximately half of the intern’s clinical service requirement. Two of the minor rotations are at through the General Internship at Grady health Service and the third is at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. All of these rotations provide supervised experience in psychotherapy, cognitive rehabilitation, team consultation with inpatients and outpatients undergoing neurological rehabilitation and/or crisis intervention and intervention with psychiatric patients.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Minor Rotation

Interns complete one 4-month minor Rotation at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, counseling children and their families who are being seen in inpatient or outpatient settings for neuropsychological assessment of acquired brain injuries, epilepsy, and other neurological problems. The focus may be on helping the child learn to cope with injury or a medical condition, to identify self-resources to assist in rehabilitation and medical treatment, and to adjust to any changes due to medical condition. Additionally, the intern and supervisor may help the child’s parents with management strategies as well as support for ongoing developmental and medical changes in their child. Finally, the intern will have opportunities to work individually with children with cognitive remediation in cognitive areas of attention, memory and problem-solving using computer programs as well as other materials and homework assignments.

Grady Health Service

Interns complete two minor rotations in the Grady Hospital Health System in adult psychiatric clinics in order to gain experience with diagnosis and treatment of major psychiatric disorder. The following adult psychiatric settings are available in the Grady Health System for the minor rotations. In the Adult Outpatient Clinic, the intern is responsible for the initial assessment and case management of outpatients, group therapy, consultation with other staff, psychotherapy follow-up and appropriate disposition planning. Often these patients have recently been discharged from an inpatient service. On theCrisis Intervention Service, interns interview and intervene with individuals in the midst of a psychiatric emergency. All levels and categories of adult psychopathology are represented. The service is the 24-hour psychiatric emergency room for the City of Atlanta and receives over 15,000 patient visits each year. Finally, in the Infectious Disease Program, interns provide individual and group therapy and case management in a HIV clinic setting for adults or children with a wide range of psychiatric difficulties.