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Selection Process

Eight interns (3 general, 1 trauma, 2 neuropsychology adult/geriatric, and 2 neuropsychology adult/pediatric) are generally selected each year depending on funding. Internship applicants must complete the APPIC on line application with all requested materials available no later than the deadline date. Online application instructions and specific application criteria are available from the APPIC website, Please note prominently in your cover letter the internship experience and track (General, Trauma or Neuropsychology Adult/Geriatric or Adult/Pediatric) for which you are applying. If you wish to apply for both the general and the trauma track, or for both neuropsychology concentrations please note this prominently in your cover letter. The tracks for which you are applying must also be specified in your online application and it is important to remember that separate match numbers are used for the different internship tracks. This site does not require any additional materials other than those contained within the online application.

All materials are screened by the selection committee. The quality of intern applicants generally is quite high, and inclusion in the top interview group is based partially on how the intern's goals and experience match with the type of training we provide. As such, both an applicant's credentials as reflected in the application materials and degree of match with the program offerings are important considerations in the review of applications. Approximately 20 - 40 applicants from the general and neuropsychology tracks and about 10 applicants for the trauma track are invited individually for in-person or phone interviews. Applicants will be notified by December 15 of their application status. Following the interviews, we establish a ranking of applicants for each track and this ranking determines the applicant order that we send to the computer match process. The internship program conforms to all APPIC selection policies (please see the APPIC web site at This internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept or use any ranking related information from any intern applicant.


The General Internship Experience (general and trauma tracks) accepts applicants from APA accredited clinical and counseling psychology programs, with preference given to applicants from Ph.D. clinical programs due to the relative likelihood that the training experiences of these applicants will be compatible with the internship program's focus on severe psychopathology and research design. The Neuropsychology Track also accepts applicants from APA accredited clinical and counseling psychology programs that include coursework in neuropsychology and research design and that require an empirical research project for satisfactory completion of the doctoral (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) program. A minimum of at least three years of pre-internship graduate training is required.