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Mentor Match

The goal of the “Mentor Match” Program is to assist residents in finding a suitable research home.

This brief form requests your contact information, as well as information about your research interests, professional goals, and any prior experience working in a research setting (if applicable). This form is submitted directly to Dr. Andrew Miller, the Director of Residency Research. Dr. Miller will review each form and meet individually with you to discuss your goals, interests, and previous experience in more detail. Taking into account a number of factors, most prominently your research interests, Dr. Miller will contact a suitable potential mentor on your behalf and arrange a meeting. You and the potential mentor can then discuss research fit, professional goals and specific projects, as well as what kind of commitment you would like make to research at that stage. You may choose, for example, to just attend lab meetings and journal clubs, become involved in an ongoing project, or a small, independent project.

Please download the “Mentor Match Application” PDF, complete it, and email it to Dr. Andrew Miller at He will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss your interests further.