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Evaluator Information

Promotion Packet

Dos and Don’ts For Evaluator Lists  

All promotion packets must be accompanied by an Evaluator List that is prepared by the Candidate and that meets the following requirements:

  1. The number of internal and external evaluators included in the Evaluator List is determined by track/rank requirements.
  2. It is important to cast a wide net when providing suggested evaluators (e.g., different contexts, fields, geographical area, etc).
  3. All evaluator letters should come from individuals with the same rank or above that the candidate is being promoted to (Candidate for Associate Professor – all evaluator letters should be from Associate Professors and above rank).
  4. Departmental Chairs (from one’s own department or any other department within the School of Medicine) can no longer be solicited as internal evaluators from Emory University.
  5. There should be only one evaluator per institution and department.
  6. Please use only one evaluator, if any, from institutions formerly affiliated with (i.e, attended school, previously worked, etc). However, this can only be an individual that the candidate had minimal or no relationship with while at that institution.
  7. You cannot list individuals who are supervisors/advisors/mentors, past supervisors/advisors/mentors (including former Chairs, Division Directors, or Training Directors), or collaborators (e.g., on grants, publications, etc.).
  8. The list must be in alphabetical order and done separately for internal and external evaluators.
  9. The list must include double the evaluators needed to meet the required number of letters.
  10. Evaluator descriptions must be written in the third person.
  11. A description of the Candidate’s relationship, of any, with the evaluator must be provided. Such a description must include any type of relationship, even if it just means that the person was an acquaintance seen at conferences or a co-member of a committee, etc.
  12. Remember that the candidate must not contact the proposed evaluators to ask permission to include them, to give them a heads up, or to provide them information for writing the letter.