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Grant Writing Resources

Institutional Environment

Published Manuscripts and Books
(in order of usefulness)

  • Russell, S.W., and Morrison, D. C. (2009) The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook – National Institutes of Health, Grant Writers’ Seminars and Workshops, LLC: Los Olivos, CA. (
  • Inouye, Sharon K., and Fiellin, David A. An Evidence-Based Guide to Writing Grant Proposals for Clinical Research Ann Intern Med, 2005;142:274-282.
  • Porter, Robert.  Why Academics Have a Hard Time Writing Good Grant Proposals. The Journal of Research Administration, 2007;38: 37-43.
  • Urrutia, Raul.  Academic Skills: A Concise Guide to Grant Writing. Pancreatology 2007; 7:301-310. 
  • Gill, TM, McDermott, Mary M, Ibrahim Said A., et al.  Getting Funded Career Development Awards for Aspiring Clinical Investigators, J Gen Intern Med; 2004;19:472–478.
  • Friedlander, Andrew J. and Folt, Carol L. (2009) Writing Successful Science Proposals, 2nd ed. Yale University Press: New Haven.
  • Katz, Michael Jay. (2009) From Research to Manuscript A guide to scientific writing, 2nd ed. Springer: Springer Science + Business Media: NY.
  • Yang, Otto. (2005) Guide to Effective Grant Writing How to write an effective NIH grant application, Springer Science + Business Media: NY.
    (Note: somewhat outdated because of new NIH guidelines)

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