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Will announce next workshop in June


Katrina Johnson has been with the Department of Psychiatry for nine years, after earning her doctorate at Emory as well. Her research focused on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and etiological factors in the development of depression. She served as the Associate Director of Residency Research, working closely with residents to support their research activities and career goals. She also served as a psychologist in the Emory Transplant Center, collaborating with a talented group of physicians and support staff. She enjoyed giving presentations in the community on various mental health-related issues and worked with some wonderful non-profit institutions during her tenure. She is grateful for the learning and growth opportunities here at Emory and plans to maintain an adjunct position in Psychology to stay connected to the University.

Sarah Juul came to Emory in 2008 from Stanford University, where she graduated with an MD. As a resident in the Adult Psychiatry program, she served as a Co-Chief Resident at Grady and as president of the residents’ organization. She further developed long-standing interests in human rights, structural violence and trauma through work with the Carter Center and the Ministry of Health in post-conflict Liberia, with Bhutanese refugees at Grady, and as Director of the Atlanta Asylum Network. As a resident, she was awarded an Outstanding Resident Award from the NIMH and a fellowship from the American Psychoanalytic Association. Since 2012, she has been an Assistant Professor in the Women’s Mental Health Program and has expanded the treatment and educational scope of the WMHP to include psychotherapy for mood, anxiety, and personality disorders in the peripartum. The department sponsored her participation in a short-course on Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy at the Anna Freud Centre, a model she continues to use clinically and with residents. Recently, she collaborated with colleagues in Psychology on research examining maternal affect, early-life trauma, and HPA axis regulation in mother-infant interactions. In May, she left her academic role for private practice. She will continue psychoanalytic training with the Emory University Psychoanalytic Institute and will maintain an Adjunct faculty position with Emory.


Major Leadership Appointments, Activities and Achievements

Bobby Elliott was appointed to the Emory University Student and Health and Counseling Services Executive Committee. He also became the President of the Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society.

Julie Kable was appointed to Georgia’s Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council for a 2-year period.


None Reported.


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Honors, Awards, Rankings

Negar Fani received an Emory 1% award.

Scott Firestone was approved by Major League Baseball as one of their certified clinicians.

Mary Ellen Lynch, Claire Coles, and Julie Kable are Co-Investigators along with Judith Fridovich-Keil (Human Genetics) on a grant entitled “Intervention and Outcomes in Duarte Galactosemia” that has been funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

Barbara Rothbaum received a Millipub award.

Quality and Safety Initiatives and Capital Campaign Initiatives

None reported.

Community Benefit Programs and Activities

Rob Cotes presented “An update on recovery-oriented treatments for individuals experiencing first episode psychosis” at the NAMI Georgia Annual Conference held at Mercer University in Atlanta.

Boadie Dunlop presented a continuing education workshop on the scientific justification for and social implications of diagnostic changes in the DSM-5.

Nori Lim gave his final talk in a five part series on anxiety and stress management for students and parents at Druid Hills High School.

Jeff Rakofksy gave grand rounds at the Augusta VA on the underdiagnosis of bipolar disorder and how to improve diagnostic accuracy.


The Brain Health Center at Executive Park held an Open House at the new space for all members of the Emory community, as well as community partners. It was very well attended and was a great introduction for people to the Brain Health Center.

Emory in the Media

Greg Berns; (1) Minneapolis Star Tribune – The perils and promise of joint custody… of a dog; (2) Entrepeneur Magazine – Customers will be loyal if delight is built into your product or service; (3) Forbes – Where Mad Men’s Don Draper and a former Coca-Cola ad man found their creative spark

Joe Cubells: (1) WAGA-TV – My life: Emory program helps adults on autism spectrum learn social skills

Jared Defife: (1) Huffington Post – Why we get hooked on will-they-won’t-they relationships, according to a psychologist

Brian Dias: (1) New York Post – 8 strange things men fear

Nadine Kaslow: (1) Dance Magazine – The stress/injury connection: Dancer’s mental and physical states; (2) NBC – Short-term debt can depress more than your finances

Mark Rapaport: (1) - Omega-3 may help depression; (2) CNN – Massage therapy tested on cancer survivors


None reported.


Dawayland Cobb joined the Smith Lab as a technician.

David Goldsmith received a New Investigator Award from the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology, and will be presenting a poster at the annual meeting in June.

Anna Knight, a PhD student in the GMB program, joined the Smith Lab.

Kim Linz will be graduating from Emory’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program. She will be pursuing an additional fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry here at Emory.

Sasha Parets won a scholarship to the Summer Institute for Statistical Genetics.

Raj Shekhat will be graduating from Emory’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program. He will be moving to Jupiter, Florida, where he will be starting his private practice (Goldcoast Psychiatry).

Krysti Vo was selected as an American Psychiatric Association Public Psychiatry Fellow for 2015-2017. She will be presenting her research at the American Psychiatric Association Conference in Toronto, supported by the department’s research training grant. The title of the poster is “No apparent cardiac conduction effects of acute treatment with risperidone in children with autism" and her co-authors are Courtney McCracken, Michael Kelleman, Lawrence Scahill, and the Research Units on Pediatric Psychopharmacology (RUPP) Autism Network. She also presented the poster at GPPA meeting in February.


Ayanna Webb, front desk employee (3rd floor), graduated from the EHC School at Work (SAW) program on April 16th!!