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The next leadership consultation will be held Wednesday October 23 from 10:00-11:00am in EP12. These peer consultations are valuable to any faculty member in a leadership role or aspiring to such roles.


We have scheduled all of the 2019 seminars so that people can save the dates. These all will be held at EP12 in the 1st floor training room, Room 2.

  • September 18, 2019, 9:00-10:30am - Erotic Transference and Countertransference – EP12 Room 357
  • December 4, 2019, 9:00-10:30am - How to seek and engage in consultation (beyond supervision) as a faculty member – EP 12 1st floor Training Room 2


The Writing Group is the 1st Wednesday of every month from 8:00-9:00am at EP12 in Room 554. The next Writing Group is September 4 at EP12 in Room 554.

The Writing Group, spearheaded by Erica Lee, has created a blog entitled Overcoming Academic Writers Block - Check it out and blog with us.



Monique Hunter, PhD, is an Assistant Professor with Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, as well as the Deputy Chief of Mental. In this role, she has regular contact with issues concerning Emory Residents and issues regarding the VA/Emory partnership. 

Within her current role, Monique manages oversight of Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Mental Health Intensive Case Management, Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center, Domiciliary Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program and Recovery Implementation.  She serves as Performance Improvement Committee chairperson and maintains an active leadership role with ensuring Mental Health programs are compliant with various accrediting bodies.  She also serves as an Administrative Surveyor for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF International). 

What Monique most enjoys about her work is engaging in complex problem-solving to improve care for Veterans and using data to inform improvement efforts.  She is excited by tasks that require multipronged approaches and present opportunities for collaboration and creativity.  

When Monique is not at work she is spending time with her husband, two children, and their large extended family.  She is also very active in her church community. In the future, Monique would like to be more actively involved in mentorship opportunities, specifically for women and minorities who have an interest in leadership.

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Magdalene Yonker

Magdalene Yonker, the Mental Health Case Manager and Wellness Programs Coordinator for The Center For Well Being (CWB) at Grady Hospital's Infectious Disease Program (IDP), she also spends time at Emory University Hospital - Midtown (EUH-M) ID clinic. As the lone CWB case manager, she provides intensive mental health case management and social support services; she empowers clients to navigate everything from sustaining housing, speaking to their doctors, advocating for themselves and providing basic resource referrals. At EUM ID, she co-facilitates the Consumer Advisory Board (CAB), co-facilitates and coordinates the monthly women's support group (She Matters), and provides case consultation and resources. At IDP, she produces the monthly wellness and activity calendar, runs the CAB, coordinates additional wellness programs (e.g., yoga, SNAP sign up, financial workshops, mediation), and coordinates the six-month-long Food & Nutrition Prescription Program. She coordinates a cooking and nutrition class sponsored by Open Hand Atlanta at both sites. She also offers mini wellness activities at all staff meetings at IDP.

Magdalene loves watching patients connect and thrive at wellness events and values finding creative ways to promote healthy behaviors and remove barriers to care and to work. She encourages patients to view HIV care as holistic, which affords them the opportunity to have a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle in which they are proactive and have strong social support. She is resourceful, the go-to-person in the building, and someone who is listened to and heard. Her department is a fun and supportive place to work.

A proud HBCU graduate of Clark Atlanta University, she loves art, reading, fun facts, llamas, foreign films, fresh local food and a good matcha tea, and is obsessed with her aloe plant, Vera. She also practices yoga. Magdalene lost her housing last year due to a fire, and was primarily concerned with Vera. She takes one international trip annually that is immersive and enriching for herself and the local community. Her most recent trip was to Brazil; she spent four days in the Amazon jungle with her mother and friends. Her family is a military family, so she has travel in her blood.  Her name is an acronym and she has her paternal and maternal grandmother's middle names, but she won’t share what these are.

Magdalene will continue to serve the people that need it most in unconventional ways, while meeting all of the goals of the program. She will do it with her whole heart, a smile on her face and with determination and passion. She wants to leave the places she has gone better than she found them. Magdalene would like to become a meditation teacher and build her creative marketing consulting business to yield a profit outside of free meals and tickets to events. And maybe one day, she will own a house that has a yard big enough to raise chickens in close proximity to a body of clear blue water.  

TRAINEE SPOTLIGHT: Ana Martinez de Andino, PhD

Ana Martinez de Andino is currently a psychology post-doctoral resident in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. She works half-time with Keith Wood in the Adult Outpatient Program (AOP). She also co-leads goal-oriented, skill-building groups for individuals with symptoms of psychosis, as well as supervises practicum students in their group and individual therapy. In addition, Ana works closely with Sarah Dunn and facilitates psychological testing in the AOP. Her other half-time position is with the Grady Trauma Project, where she coordinates a clinical research project titled "Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training for High Risk African-American Pregnant Women: Feasibility and Acceptability of Implementation in Prenatal Clinics." For this project, she co-leads the DBT skills training, supervises practicum students and assists in data collection/analysis. Finally, she is also a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee and the Atlanta Behavior Health Advocates. 

Ana most enjoys working with the Grady population and staff. She is articulate in portraying the patients seen at Grady as incredibly resilient and deserving of quality care. She feels honored to be part of a system that provides such excellent services to so many of those in need. She also loves the Grady staff and have found them to be warm, welcoming and overall fun to be around!

A few key highlights for Ana include receiving her doctorate degree upon the completion of her internship in August 2019, as well as receiving an Emory Medical Care Foundation grant with Anika Backster.

In the future, Ana plans to have a long and fruitful career as a bilingual, clinical psychologist. She currently plans to work in an academic medical setting, and would eventually hope to become a clinic director of a university outpatient clinic.

Outside of the workplace, Ana enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She loves hiking in the Atlanta area, reading outside and eating her way through all the amazing restaurants nearby!



Lauren Gensler: Lauren is one of the new Internal Medicine and Psychiatry attendings.  She completed five years of residency training in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry at Emory University after attending Emory for medical school. She will be working halftime as an inpatient medicine attending and the other half as a psychiatric emergency room attending at Grady.  Her interests are varied and include Trauma Informed Care, metabolic syndrome in people with Schizophrenia and Mental Health and Internal Medicine integration.  However, her main interest is in medical education at the medical school and residency level.  She completed a distinction in Teaching and Leadership during residency to help aid in this.  On a more personal note, she grew up in Atlanta, and most of my family is still here.  She lives in Decatur with her two kids, husband and dog.  She is very excited to be staying in Atlanta, and continue working at Grady within both the Psychiatry and Internal Medicine Departments! 

Justin Palanci: Justin recently joined the faculty as Medical Director of the Grady Assertive Community Treatment Program and provider in the First Episode Psychosis Coordinated Specialty Program, Project ARROW. Justin completed medical school at George Washington University in Washington, DC, and completed his residency at Emory in June. His interests include first episode psychosis, Open Dialogue and incorporating families into the care of individuals with psychosis. 

Lauren Schmidt: Lauren recently relocated to Atlanta after completing her psychiatric residency at Yale University in New Haven, CT. She is a Philadelphia native, and received her Doctor of Medicine from the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.  Lauren has an interest in student mental health, and spent the past year providing medication and therapeutic care to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at Yale University’s Student Mental Health and Counseling Center. She received her residency program’s diversity award for her work with LGBTQ veterans, and has an interest in gender dysphoria.  She will be an outpatient psychiatrist at Emory’s Adult Psychiatry Clinic, where she hopes to integrate psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness and DBT skills with medication management.  She is also looking forward to joining the Women’s Mental Health Program at Emory.


None reported



Major Leadership Appointments, Activities and Achievements

Effective August 1, 2019, the Grady Trauma Project (GTP) leadership team is as follows: Nadine Kaslow and Bekh Bradley will serve as the Administrative Co-Directors, Vasiliki Michopoulos will now serve as a Co-Director for Translational Science, Jennifer Stevens will now serve as a Co-Director for Human Neuroscience, and Abigail Powers Lott will now serve as a Co-Director for Treatment Research and Education.

Jessica Maples-Keller was selected as a co-chair for the Wounded Warrior Project Warrior Care Network Stat Analysis Subcommittee.

Carly Yasinski was selected as a co-chair for the Wounded Warrior Project Warrior Care Network Stat Analysis Subcommittee.


Erica Lee has been selected to participate in the 2019 Grady Faculty Development Program for Clinical Teachers. 


Fani N, King TZ, Clendinen CA, Hardy R, Surapaneni S, Blair RJ, White SF, Lott AP, Ely TD, Jovanovic T, Ressler K, Bradley B. (2019). Attentional Control Abnormalities in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Functional, Behavioral, and Structural Correlates. Journal of Affective Disorders. 253. 10.1016/j.jad.2019.04.098.

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Holstad, M. E., Higgins, M., Bauman, M., Farber, E. W., Waldrop-Valverde, D., Okwandu, O., & Ofotokun, I. (2019). Picture Pill Count: An Innovative, Reliable, Valid and Feasible Method to Measure Adherence to ART. AIDS and Behavior23, 2210-2217. 

There is a newly funded R01 that just came through, a collaboration between GTP and biostats faculty in Rollins.  This will support some of Jennifer Steven’s effort, along with a bit of Kerry, and our neuroimaging analysis expert Tim Ely.  Here are the grant details: NIMH R01 MH118771 (PI: Manatunga, Guo, Peng) Statistical Methods for Analyzing Complex, Multi-Dimensional Data from Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Mental Health Studies, 2019-2024.

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Honors, Awards, Rankings

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s departmental awards:

  • Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award: Junior Faculty –Vasiliki Michopoulos
  • Distinguished Service Award: National/International – Nori Lim
  • Distinguished Service Award: Local/Regional - Jennifer Wootten
  • Distinguished Clinician Award – Andrea Crowell
  • Distinguished Mentor Award: Science – Negar Fani
  • Distinguished Mentor Award: Service and Education – Jennifer Holton
  • Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Member Award – Adriana Flores

Michelle Casimir received the APA Award for “Notable Achievements as an Early Career Psychologist at the ABHA Symposium.”

Nadine Kaslow received the American Psychological Association Division 43 (Society of Couple and Family Psychology) Award for Distinguished Contributions to Family Psychology.

Nori Lim served as APA Division 45 Convention Co-Chair and hosted Board of Convention Affairs events (i.e., Science at Sunset, Psych-Science-in-3, and The Convention Buzz). He also chaired a Thought Leader (plenary) session by Dr. Larry Young, entitled “The Neuroscience of Love and Attachment: Implications for Autism.”

Alicia Smith was named the Diana and Bryan Blair Research Professor in Gynecology and Obstetrics.


Allison LoPilato & Ed Craighead gave a clinical workshop at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association titled “Behavioral Activation for Adolescents with Depression.”

The following papers were presented in a symposium entitled Assessment and Intervention for Suicidal Behavioral for African Americans in a Public Sector Hospital that was presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Chicago, Illinois. Joya Hampton was the organizer and Nadine Kaslow served as the discussant.

  • Lewis, C., B., Mekawi, Y., Watson-Singleton, N., Jatta, I., Ander, I., Lamis, D.A., & Dunn, S.E. Racial identity profiles among suicidal African American women.
  • Jatta, I., Blassingame, J.C., Watson-Singleton, N., Au, J., Mekawi, Y., Lewis, C.B., Ferdinand, N. L., Wilson, T.E., Nguyen, J.K., & Wooten, J. Racial identity profiles and differences in positive psychology factors in African American women with past suicide attempts.
  • Kahn, H., Morrisette, N., Mekawi, Y., Raines, P., Gade, M., & Nguyen, J.K. Africultural coping and ethnic identity: Fostering well-being through cultural interventions.
  • Hampton, J,N., Reed, A.C, & Saker, K. (2019, August). Depressive Symptoms, Contingent Self-Worth, and Suicidal Ideation in African Americans.

Members of the Atlanta Behavioral Health Advocates presented a symposium at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association in Chicago, Il entitled Psychologists in public service settings: Guidelines, theories, and actions. Madison Silverstein organized the symposium and Nadine Kaslow served as the discussant. The following were the presentations in the symposium (* denotes presenter):

  • Allbaugh, L.J., Graves, C.*, Pickover, A.N., Ayna, D., Cattie, J.E., Ramsay, A., & Richman, E. Learning to be interprofessional advocates together.
  • Casimir, M.*, Pickover, A.N., Allbaugh, L.J., Sun, S., Graves, C., Wood, K.A., Ammirati, R., Cattie, J.E., & Lamis, D.A. Ecological framework for social justice advocacy by behavioral health professionals in public healthcare.
  • Lee, E.D.M.*, Hinger, C., Popovich, R., Miller, T.C., & Prempeh, L. Social justice advocacy in mental health service.
  • Silverstein, M., Hackett, R., Ammirati, R.* & Kaslow, N.J. Scholars Committed to Opportunities in Psychological Education (SCOPE): Lessons learned from implementation.

Ammirati, R.J., Virtually Better, Inc. (2019, August). The Promise of Using Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to Facilitate HIV Disclosure. In C.C. Graves (Chair), Technology-Based Behavioral Health Intervention in Integrated Care Settings: Lessons from HIV care. (Oral). Annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Graves, C.C. (Chair), Shahane, A.A., Ammirati, R. J., Hampton, J., Farber, E. (August, 2019). Technology-Based Behavioral Health Intervention in Integrated Care Settings: Lessons from HIV care. (Oral). Annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Hampton, J. and Graves, C.C. (August, 2019) Technology-Based Behavioral Health Interventions with Children and Adolescents: HIV and beyond. In C.C. Graves (Chair), Technology-Based Behavioral Health Intervention in Integrated Care Settings: Lessons from HIV care. (Oral). Annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Tomina Schwenke presented at the APA Division 41 on “An Exploration of the Current State of Jail-Based Competency Restoration Programs.” 

Justine Welsh presented, “Designer Drug Trends in Adolescents and Young Adults” at the Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association CME Summer Meeting and “Adolescent Cannabis Use and Its Impact on Psychopathology” at the Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association CME Summer Meeting.

Larry Young gave a Thought Leaders presentation at the 2019 American Psychological Association meeting on “The neurobiology of love and attachment: Implications for autism.”

Quality and Safety Initiatives and Capital Campaign Initiatives

None reported

Community Benefit Programs and Activities

The Atlanta Behavioral Health Advocates (ABHA) has launched a blog. Click here for the first blog post by Keith Wood.


None reported

Emory in the Media 

Early Emory Center for Child Development and Enrichment (1) Emory Magazine – The Perfect Match.

Justine Welsh (1) AJC – Opioid Prescription Totals Falling in Georgia Amid Deadly Epidemic

Other Accomplishments 

None reported 


Mirsalimi, H. (2019, August). Bringing psychotherapy to the immigrant population. In L. F. Campbell (Chair), Bringing psychotherapy to underserved populations. Symposium conducted at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL.

Lisa Rosof was interviewed about the relationship between the EUPI and Goizueta Business School on “Psychoanalysis On and Off the Couch.” Click here to listen.


Elissar Andari will be joining the faculty with the University of Toledo’s Department of Psychiatry as an Assistant Professor where she will establish a new autism research program. Elissar was a postdoctoral fellow with Larry Young in the Conte Center.  

Joseph Vinson was selected as a recipient of the Austen Riggs Award for Excellence in Psychotherapy.


Julie Chun-Li Kwan, an advanced nurse clinician in the Neuromodulation Clinic, was chosen as Emory Wesley Woods Hospital 's August Employee of the Month. Her colleague writes, "Julie has been with the Neuromodulation Clinic for 20+ years. She has worked diligently to streamline the Nurses Retention and Recruitment Committee and is a force in the clinic."  Congrats to Julie for her dedication and hard work.

Emory Healthcare acknowledged Kathleen Jarboe’s excellent patient care as being ranked in the top 75th percentile in the country for April, May and June.


None reported