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Peer Supervision Consultation Groups

What is a Peer Supervision Consultation Group?

Like peer mentoring groups, peer supervision consultation groups provide opportunities for Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences faculty of all disciplines to support one another and share information about the provision of clinical supervision. Faculty within a peer supervision consultation group may differ with regard to rank, supervisory experience, and theoretical orientation.

Unlike peer mentoring groups, however, peer supervision consultation groups consist of 4 to 8 faculty, and members are expected to attend at least 75% of the monthly meetings. Given the sensitive nature of information shared in these groups, monthly meetings should occur in-person and group members should make every effort to attend each meeting. We hope that this structure promotes openness within groups.

Peer supervision consultation groups will be formed at various sites where Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences faculty practice and provide clinical supervision. However, faculty at any site are welcome to attend any of the groups (e.g., VA-based faculty are welcome to attend the Grady-based peer supervision consultation group). Therefore, although in-person attendance is strongly encouraged, each group can determine if they would also like to use HIPAA compliant technology to facilitate meeting.

Current Peer Supervision Consultation Groups

  • EP12 Peer Supervision Consultation Group: Co-Facilitated by Devon LoParo, PhD and Andrea Crowell, MD
  • Grady Health System Peer Supervision Consultation Group: Co-Facilitated by Rachel Ammirati, PhD and Marsha Stern, MD

Peer Mentoring and Consultation Program