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Lydia Fazzio, MD

Assistant Professor
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Phone: 404-778-5526



Lydia Fazzio, MD, is a general adult psychiatrist at Emory.  She has a BSc in Neuroscience from Brown University and trained at Cambridge Hospital in Cambridge MA. Prior to Emory, she was a research physician at Eli Lilly and Johnson & Johnson and later pivoted to medial strategy positions at various healthcare communications agencies in New York City. She is on the consult psychiatry service at Emory Midtown Hospital and provides psychiatric services to the Midtown HIV clinic.

She is passionate about utilizing emerging technologies to facilitate access to healthcare for the disenfranchised. She was the founder of BioHackersNYC an organization design to democratize access to bleeding edge technologies to optimize human performance. She is currently designing a Blockchain Philanthropy initiative at Emory that leverages shared ledger technology to design a digital health wallet for the homeless

Additionally, she is the founder of the MyData Atlanta Node - a chapter of which seeks to empower individuals with their data and explore opportunities for greater data autonomy and is working on an initiative to enhance data literacy: privacy, security, portability, interoperability for the public. She is a believer in a decentralized web and self-sovereign identity principles.

She maintains mind-body integrity through avid pursuit of trail running/hiking and roasting coffee - she is a certified personal trainer and former barista at various cafes in NYC & Catskills.

A personal quote:

… the more I experience in this profession the less I believe we know about the human experience/consciousness - i remain a perpetual student of what it means to be human.