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Abigail Lott, PhD

Assistant Professor
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Phone: 404-712-0159

Fax: 404-778-4655



Abigail Lott is an Assistant Professor and licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Lott received a BA in psychology and anthropology at Emory University. She completed her PhD at Washington University in St. Louis and then returned to Atlanta to complete her post-doctoral fellowship at Emory University.

Dr. Lott’s research focuses broadly on understanding the long-term impact of interpersonal trauma exposure (e.g. childhood maltreatment, domestic violence) and how emotion dysregulation may serve as a pathway to the development and maintenance of trauma-related psychiatric outcomes, like posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. She incorporates clinical, behavioral, physiological, and other biological measurement in her research to assist in better identifying clear mechanisms that may be targeted in treatment and improve psychiatric outcomes among traumatized individuals. Currently, Dr. Lott is piloting a primary care-based mindfulness intervention targeting emotion dysregulation in traumatized individuals recruited from Grady Hospital. Dr. Lott also serves as the Clinical and Education Director of the Grady Trauma Project, a team focused on examining risk and resiliency factors for PTSD and other trauma-related disorders in civilian traumatized populations.