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Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Minority Faculty Subcommittee

Mission statement 

Our mission is to promote awareness of issues related to race, ethnicity, and culture among the faculty in our department, and to provide a source of safety and support, as well as education and other resources. 


  • Promote inclusion: for people to feel that their voices are heard, that they have a presence and are a part of the group
  • Offer safety: a place to go with relevant complaints about microaggressions (as defined by: verbal and behavioral exchanges, subtle or covert, that send denigrating messages to minorities; slights; exclusions; avoidance; unfair treatment)
  • Provide support: a source of encouragement
  • Provide education to faculty to increase awareness of issues
  • Increase diversity within the department  
  • Provide a mechanism for submitting related concerns (heard by committee)
  • Make our presence known in the department