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Resources for Women Faculty

Welcome to Emory!

The Women Faculty in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Subcommittee of the Faculty Development Committee has compiled a list of resources that we have found helpful for supporting our personal and professional lives. Many of these resources are described in detail elsewhere; this guide is simply to call attention to resources and to help individuals navigate among many sources. We hope you will find these helpful. Please feel free to reach out to our subcommittee if there is any way we can be of help.

The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences’ Faculty Development website is a good starting place for professional development resources.  Resources here include:

  • Mentorship resources
  • Promotion guidelines and resources
    • Sample service and teaching portfolios needed for the promotion process (start building this documentation now, even if you aren’t eligible for promotion in the immediate future; keep track of dates/titles/evaluations for individual lectures)
    • Emory CV Template
  • Departmental awards (nominations due August 1)
  • And more

The School of Medicine Office of Faculty Development website also has a wealth of resources including

  • A comprehensive flyer of the programs offered
  • Professional development resources related to teaching, clinical practice, and research
  • Local career development / leadership programs (Faculty Development Course, EM-ProLEAD, Woodruff Leadership Academy, Quality Improvement courses, Learning to Be Better Teachers workshop, Business of Healthcare Course
  • National career development / leadership programs (AAMC programs, Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine – ELAM, and many more)
  • Promotion information
  • School of Medicine awards (deadline to nominate early-mid July)
  • Information about the Emory Alliance for Women in Medicine and Science
  • Information about work/life synergy
  • Information about employee discounts (ie: fitness center discounts, ticket discounts, continuing education discounts, and more)

The Emory WorkLife Resource Center has a multitude of personal resources including

  • Child care resources and backup/emergent childcare resources
  • Access to the CDC Parent Network ListServ for Emory employees
  • Elder care resources including emergent care resources
  • A network for hiring Emory students to help with things like errands, babysitting, pet care, house sitting, tutoring, lawn care, etc.
  • Financial education programs
  • Wellness resources
  • Information on summer camps (annual Camp and Learning Expo in February)
  • And more

The Emory Faculty Staff Assistance Program may also be of help for general health/wellness resources and resources for those caring for aging parents.

Members of our committee had additional recommendations for potentially helpful services, tips and strategies including

  • Local Meal Prep services
  • Setting up maternity leave
    • Contact HR and then get mentorship within the department about individual options
    • Our committee can help to connect you to people who have recently taken leave if this would be helpful
  • Awards: there are awards through our department and through the school of medicine; work with colleagues to support each other on nominations; these awards are helpful for promotion (nominations are due in the summer – see above)
  • In addition to the faculty development resources listed above, within our department we also have a Writing Group to help support scholarship / publication efforts. Contact Nadine Kaslow ( if you are interested in joining.
  • Consider scheduling ‘CV Wellness’ intervals to make sure you are updating your CV regularly. Look at your annual calendar to identify the best times for you to do this.
  • There are numerous opportunities to get involved in teaching and training and to build your Teaching Portfolio. Consider the Psychology Practicum, Psychology Internships, Medical Student Education, Residency Education Programs, and Fellowship Training Programs. You do not need to be otherwise affiliated or embedded in the program to interview applicants, administer oral examinations, or teach.
  • Service opportunities (advocacy work, committee involvement, and research service) are abundant. Talk with mentors and keep an eye out for announcements about new initiatives.

We hope you find these resources helpful. If you have additional resources to share or if you would like to be involved with our work, please contact us. You can find current members on the roster page.