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Autism: Closing the Gap - Your Fantastic Mind Feature
2/12/2019 - Emory
The Early Emory Center for Child Development and Enrichment (Early Emory) is a preschool for children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder. When it first opened 30 years ago as the Walden Early Childhood Center, now known as Early Emory, it was founded as an innovative idea in inclusion practices, and has been a model for preschools across the nation.

Why Genetic Tests Matter for Autistic Adults
1/30/2019 - Spectrum
“Reimbursement is very variable depending on the policy they have, the company and how much time I can spend talking to a person who is reading a computer screen to me on the phone,” says Joseph Cubells, associate professor of human genetics and psychiatry at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. “It is very limited and frustrating.”