Volunteer Opportunities - Groups (myLIFE)

Are you the leader of a group?  Are you looking for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly activities where your group can lend a hand and build relationships with individuals with an autism spectrum disorder?

The Emory Autism Center's Adult Program helps connect groups who want to work with adult's who exhibit characteristics of an autism spectrum disorder.  We encourage groups to develop their own group projects, and we will work closely with you to ensure each event is successful! 

So gather your friends and volunteer as a team. With group volunteering, you can make a huge impact while having fun!


Volunteer groups may plan activities within the pre-planned schedule of events or leaders may work with the program manager to plan events on the weekends or in the evenings that fall outside the regularly scheduled calendar.

NOTE: Each Volunteer Group is asked to work with us at least once a month, but may elect to provide weekly or bi-weekly events. Questions? Contact Toni Thomas at myLIFE.volunteers@emory.edu.


Whether you have volunteered with us in the past or are new to working with us, please ensure all group members have had the opportunity to complete all paperwork and review information.

  1. Check out the calendar to view times when each of the myLIFE groups meet. At times we may be able to coordinate off-schedule activities with your group. 
  2. Complete the group interest form so we know who you are and how you would like to volunteer with us.
  3. Click on the Information & Forms tab to access application materials. We ask for each group leader to remind their groups members to complete and collect aa of the forms and provide to Ms. Thomas.

Volunteer Documentation

Group leaders will be responsible for documenting your group's time after each event and make note of any/all comments, questions and concerns.  Each quarter we report information related to the number of volunteers involved in helping us to provide services to those within the myLIFE program (including the number of hours volunteered, school attendance and programs of study or the various careers of those who volunteer) to the State of Georgia. 

Interest & Availability

Share how you would like your group to interact with us by filling out the form below.

Information & Forms

Group volunteer activities with the Emory Autism Center is easy. Just follow the steps below:

Complete and return all forms (see below) 

Attend an orientation meeting with Toni Thomas (this can be held at your school/organization). She will work with the group's leader to plan a day/time that is convenient for all!

Once complete, either drop off when you meet with Ms. Thomas or send to her via email tthoma2@emory.edu


Please do the following:

  • fill in all other information on the page
  • make a copy of your driver's license (the picture MUST BE recognizable - you may have to make your copy lighter)
  • staple the copy of your driver's license and the completed Background Check form together


How do I begin?

New to the program? Please click on "New Volunteers" and follow all instructions for completing paperwork and volunteer availability. We will be in touch with you once we have reviewed everything.

Also, if you have not attended an Orientation session we need for you to sign up for one as soon as possible. If one has passed, you may still begin, but we will sign you up for the next available orientation.

Former Volunteer? Please click on "Former Volunteers" and ensure you have completed the availability form. We will be in touch with you once we have reviewed everything.

When does my group start?

Once we have reviewed your group's availability you should receive an email or a phone call to sit down to meet with Ms. Thomas to discuss the specific details.   If you do not hear from us within a week of completing the availability form please contact us at myLIFE.volunteers@emory.edu.

Who do I contact?

General questions/issues related to your service learning experience should be directed to Toni Thomas, Program Manager, at tthomas2@emory.edu or 404-727-8350.

Who do I report to each week?

Each day there is an Educational Coordinator in charge of planning and ensuring Volunteers, Service Learning students and Fieldwork students are aware of what to do during that time period. This is the person you will report to each week. Please contact the appropriate staff noted below via text so they will have your contact info in case they need to reach you. 

  • nightLIFE Group - Toni Thomas
  • liveLIFE Group - Danielle Belva
  • collegeLIFE Group - Kelsey Bohlke

How often are the group events?

Each Volunteer group is different; in the past groups have met monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly. The Program Manager will discuss the options which will best meet the needs of your organization.

Where does our group meet?

Your volunteer group's leader works with the Program Manager to determine the most appropriate place for events. If your group is on the Emory University campus, the event will take place on the campus. If your group is part of an organization fro a different college we can discuss the possibility of having the event on your own campus.