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Treatment Programs for OCD and Anxiety

  • Intensive outpatient program. Participants attend the program four afternoons per week from 1-4pm, for 2-3 weeks. This treatment focuses on developing and implementing an exposure therapy with response prevention (ERP) plan, and includes weekly medication management (optional), group therapy, and family therapy (optional) in addition to individual sessions. Mindfulness-based therapies are also incorporated into treatment.
    • A consultation will be completed for anyone interested in intensive treatment.
    • Please note that you must have outpatient treatment in place before beginning this program. If you do not yet have outpatient providers, one helpful resource is the International OCD Foundation provider directory:
  • Weekly 90-minute OCD Skills group. This group meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons and involves using exposure therapy with response prevention (ERP), the gold-standard behavioral treatment for OCD and many types of anxiety. Participants complete ERP as part of this weekly group, and learn mindfulness and acceptance skills that can enhance the effectiveness of exposure therapy.
  • Outpatient therapy. Individual therapy for OCD is available on a limited basis, as our team members spend most of their time providing treatment in our intensive outpatient program. Meetings typically take place 1-2 times weekly for 60 minutes.