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Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD)

The Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD) program is a consultation and referral service offering comprehensive evaluations for people who have complex and difficult-to-treat disorders. Patients are provided with an in-depth psychiatric consultation, including an extensive review of previous records, and detailed treatment recommendations. Our team includes a psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, social worker, and patient care coordinator.

Assessments Include:

  • 1 - Patients receive a one-time face-to-face evaluation with our team. Treatment recommendations are discussed with patient and family member.
  • 2 - The referring psychiatrist receives a detailed, written summary of the evaluation and treatment recommendations.
  • 3 - Referrals for further assessment and/or treatment are provided to the patient.
  • 4 - The patient is scheduled for a follow-up phone call with our psychiatrist and social worker to answer any additional questions.

*NOTE: The TRD consultation does not include medications or continued follow-up care. The clinic facilitates referrals for further treatment and/or assessment as needed.

How to Schedule a One-Time Consultation Appointment

In order to be seen for a TRD consultation, the patient must be working with a psychiatrist who is responsible for the patient’s psychiatric care before and after the one-time consultation with the TRD team.

Step 1

Before we can schedule an appointment, the referring psychiatrist fills out the Clinician referral form, and the patient will fill out our New Patient Packet. We need both of these faxed back to us at (404) 712-7436 Attn:  TRD New Patient Intake

Please contact our Patient Care Coordinator at 404-712-TRDC (404-712-8732) in order to receive these forms.

Step 2

Our Patient Care Coordinator will contact the patient once the Clinician Referral Form and New Patient Packet are received and reviewed in order to schedule the patient.

The Patient Care Coordinator will then send the patient our Self-Evaluation Scales, which must be completed online prior to the scheduled appointment.

Step 3

The patient is seen for a one-time consultation with our team. We encourage patients to bring a family member or close friend to participate in the assessment and treatment discussion.

Step 4

Following the appointment, a detailed medical note will be sent to the referring psychiatrist. Our team welcomes treatment discussion with the referring psychiatrist.


Patients evaluated in the TRD Clinic can be considered for the following treatments:

  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
  • Off-label trials of medication like ketamine
  • Psychotherapy in Adult Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Programs


  • Investigational research trials, including immune therapies
  • Deep brain strimulation (DBS)


Most major insurances are accepted by the TRD Clinic. Please include copies of insurance cards when making a referral.

Consulation Team

William M. McDonald, MD
Helen Mayberg, MD
Andrew H. Miller, MD
TRD Steering Committee
Patricio Riva Posse, MD TRD Medical Director, Psychiatrist
Andrea L. Crowell, MD Psychiatrist
Adriana P. Hermida, MD Psychiatrist
Rachel Hershenberg, PhD Clinical Psychologist
Susan Henderson, NP Nurse Practitioner
Joselyn Chen Wise, MPH, LCSW Licensed CLinical Social Worker
Taelar Johnson Patient Care Coordinator
Gail Galendez Snead Clinical Research Coordinator
Gregory Job, MBBS, DLO Clinical Research Coordinator

Our Location

Emory Brain Health Center
12 Executive Park Dr NE, 5th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: 404-712-TRDC (404-712-8732)
Fax: 404-712-7436

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