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Effects of Treatment on Decision-making in Major Depression

Principal Investigator: Boadie Dunlop, MD

Population:  Subjects 18-65 with MDD who are not taking an antidepressant for 2 weeks prior to screen AND healthy controls (No current DMS-IV TR diagnosis of a mental illness or lifetime hx of MDD or Dysthymia).

Summary: The study aims to evaluate how decision-making is affected by MDD, and how it changes with treatment for MDD.  Differences between the healthy and MDD groups, and between pre-post decision-making outcomes will be evaluated to examine whether the decision-making concepts of risk aversion, loss aversion, risk tolerance and delay discounting are affected by diagnosis or treatment. Study will provide compensation.

Procedure: Complete questionnaires and a one-hour computer-administered assessment of decision-making. For MDD subjects: study physician will initiate standard-of-care treatment with an FDA approved antidepressant; Psychiatric follow-up; Six weeks of treatment with an antidepressant; Again complete the decision-making computerized assessment.

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