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Pregnancy and Newborn Follow-up Study

Principal Investigator: Katrina Johnson, PhD (Sponsor: D. Jeff Newport, MD)

Population:  Pregnant women with a lifetime diagnosis of unipolar depression (may be currently euthymic or depressed) and pregnant women with no lifetime Axis I disorder.

Summary: Patients will be seen 3 times during pregnancy, ideally at 18, 24 and 36 weeks. The initial screening visit lasts about 2 hours and the remaining prenatal visits last about 1 hour.  Mothers and their newborns will be seen 1-2 weeks postpartum. 

Procedure: Prenatal visits will include a diagnostic assessment and measures of mood, stress, and health behaviors.  Newborns will have a neurobehavioral exam and 15-minute non-sedated MRI at Egleston.

Julie Carroll, MSW
Study Coordinator