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Research & Scholarship Consultation Service – PReConsult Service

The research consultation service provides personalized support during promotion planning, study development, and grant or IRB submission, and well as identifying opportunities for research participation/collaboration. The service works in collaboration with the current career development mentorship program where applicable to minimize overlap and ensure the most appropriate support. The aim of this service is to increase the rate of funded/submitted grants and increase our research standing in the institution. Similar programs in the Department of Pediatrics (SOM) and School of Nursing have moved them to the top of funding status, as numbers 1 and 2, respectively.

*Please note – Trainee requests with primary mentor approval will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Components of the Service

Study Design & Biostatiscal Support (click to access request form)
A common theme from the departmental survey in 2020 highlighted requested assistance around study development and biostatistical support.

  • Study design & planning
  • Statistical support (for manuscripts, power analyses, study planning)
Grant Preparation (click to access request form)
The grant preparation portion of the Research Consultation Service provides guidance to junior and senior faculty regarding new grant applications.
  • Searchable faculty interests and skills database
  • Sample department R’s/K’s
  • Access to shared grant documents (e.g., facilities, institutional environment)
  • Grant writing support & review

Collaboration and Scholarship Strategic Planning (click to access request form)
Strategic planning consultations assist faculty develop personalized plans for their scholarship activities that align with their current roles, collaborative partners, interests, and available time. Consultations work in concert with additional faculty development partners (I.e., Vice Chair of Faculty Development, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Vice Chair of Research; promotion review process, etc.).

Research Funding & Connections

  • Match research ideas with funding sources (federal, institutional, private foundation)
  • Connect faculty with existing research projects and potential collaborators throughout the department

Manuscript and Presentation Consultation (click to access request form)
This service offers the opportunity for one-on-one feedback from experienced faculty on manuscripts, oral and poster presentations.