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School of Medicine Guidelines

Please read the following directions before beginning your document.

  • Everything should be listed in chronological order consistently throughout document.
  • Please include ALL information that is requested on SOM format (dates, quantity, etc.)
  • Include the location of former fellows/trainees. If they are in academia, list their current
  • rank.
  • Some sections required in the Teaching Portfolio are the same as your CV so you may copy
  • those over to ensure the information is the same from one document to another. The
  • School of Medicine will compare any similar information in all documents to ensure it
  • matches.
  • Please include your name, date and page number on each page.

Supporting documentation

  • Adequate documentation (letters, evaluations, etc.) is extremely important. You may solicit
  • letters of support from past trainees.
  • All letters of support should be signed – either electronic signature or hand signature.
  • A letter from the Vice Chair of Education will be very important (for internal promotions).

See template (PDF)