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14 Jan 2022
FDA Grants Breakthrough Designation for Device to Treat PTSD

13 Jan 2022
9 Signs You Need to Break Up with Your Therapist

30 Dec 2021
New Data Support a Causal Role for Depression in Alzheimer's

04 Dec 2021
Emory Professor Wins Award for PTSD Research

12 Oct 2021
UNC Chapel Hill Cancels Classes Amid Suicide Investigations

10 Sep 2021
9/11 a Defining Moment in the Childhoods of Muslim Millennials

10 Sep 2021
For Many Who Were Present, the 9/11 Attacks have had a Lasting Mental Health Impact

25 Aug 2021
Was it All Worth it?

18 Aug 2021
"Heart and Soul are There": Afghan Americans Face Pains of a Country Left Behind

23 Jun 2021
First came COVID, then long-haul symptoms. And now they're battling the guilt of having survived it all

15 Jun 2021
Dorian Lamis Honored with Albert E. Levy Award for Excellence in Scientific Research

09 Jun 2021
Depressed Brains Don't Have the Regular Response to Stress

12 May 2021
Emory Program Supports Georgia Women with Postpartum Mental Health Issues

28 Apr 2021
Autism in the Pandemic: How People Cope

15 Apr 2021
Airports Step Up Mental Health Assistance as Passenger Anxiety Soars

13 Apr 2021
BU Event Reflects on Neurological Impact of Racism on Black Americans

13 Apr 2021
Addiction Alliance of Georgia Launches Prevention Collaborative in Atlanta School

11 Apr 2021
We Shouldn't be Complacent: Suicide Deaths Fell During the 2020 Pandemic - but What Caused the Decline?

08 Apr 2021
Exhaustion and Trauma Take Toll on Georgia’s Front-Line Medical Workers

31 Mar 2021
Guilt, Regret, Helplessness: Watching George Floyd Die had a 'Profound' Impact on Witnesses

29 Mar 2021
Out of My Mind: Advances in Brain Tech Spur Calls for ‘Neuro-Rights’

17 Mar 2021
Some COVID-19 Survivors are Now Struggling with Guilt

09 Mar 2021
In Search of Lost Manners After a Year of Home Confinement

02 Mar 2021
Common Misconceptions About Traumatic Brain Injury

04 Feb 2021
AHA News: Surviving COVID-19 Survivor's Guilt

04 Feb 2021
Surviving COVID-19 Survivor's Guilt

25 Jan 2021
William McDonald Named Interim Chair of the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

07 Jan 2021
Georgia Public-Private Partners Seek Statewide SUD Treatment Network

14 Dec 2020
What's the Link Between Alcohol and Schizophrenia?

01 Dec 2020
How to Talk to Loved Ones When You're Worried About Their Mental Health

23 Nov 2020
How to Cope During the Holiday Season in a Pandemic

18 Nov 2020
Feel Like You Don't Enjoy Anything Anymore? There's a Name for That—and You Can Break Through It

18 Nov 2020
Protecting Your Child during the Pandemic may do More Harm Than Good

11 Nov 2020
Emory Healthcare Veterans Program Celebrates Five Years, Extends Treatment Program Across 13 States

06 Nov 2020
The Election has Left Friends and Family Divided. Here are Ways to Heal Broken Relationships.

03 Nov 2020
Long Road Home

02 Nov 2020
Panicked Shoppers Clear Store Shelves Ahead of Election Day Outcome

01 Oct 2020
Army Sees Sharp Increase in Suicides during Coronavirus Pandemic

28 Sep 2020
When Being Tired is Actually Depression

16 Sep 2020
Latino Nurses Push Through COVID-19 Burnout, Sleepless Nights and Lost Loved Ones

09 Sep 2020
Second Lady Karen Pence Visits Atlanta to Highlight Mental Health for Veterans

08 Sep 2020
Second Lady Karen Pence to visit Emory Healthcare on Wednesday

26 Aug 2020
Psychologist Shares Tips for Overcoming 'Pandemic Fatigue'

17 Aug 2020
Pandemic Increasing Suicidal Ideation

13 Aug 2020
The Pandemic is Taking a Toll on Americans' Mental Health

10 Aug 2020
When Things Aren't OK with a Child's Mental Health

31 Jul 2020
Time in the Kitchen can Improve Your Mental Health

23 Jul 2020
Entertaining During a Pandemic

20 Jul 2020
Long Road Home

15 Jul 2020
Georgians Feeling Growing Emotional Toll from COVID-19 Pandemic

15 Jul 2020
Stay Calm and Cook on

30 Jun 2020
Five Questions About PTSD

09 Jun 2020
It's Because You are White

28 May 2020
We Can't Lose Sight of the Pandemic's Hidden Crisis: Domestic Abuse, says AMA President

26 May 2020
Justine Welsh Named Health Care Hero Rising Star

24 May 2020

22 May 2020
Fragile? It's All a Matter of Perspective

11 May 2020
A Surge in PTSD may be the 'New Normal'

29 Apr 2020
As Pandemic Restricts Hospital Visits, Many Face Illness Alone

28 Apr 2020
Surge in US Gun Sales and Online Searches Raises Fears of Rise in Suicides

22 Apr 2020
For Hospital Chaplains, Coronavirus has Shifted Spiritual Care

17 Apr 2020
Coronavirus Anxiety and Sadness: Tips for Coping

12 Apr 2020
What are the Stages of Grief? How to Process and Deal with Grief or Loss

02 Apr 2020
That COVID-19 Feeling? It’s Called Anticipatory Grief

02 Apr 2020
Local Psychologist Offers Insight About Stress During COVID-19 Pandemic

02 Apr 2020
Trudeau Government is Neglecting the Mental Health Challenges of COVID-19

26 Mar 2020
Mental Health Experts Fear Coronavirus Anxiety May Increase Suicide Risk

24 Mar 2020
Isolation is a Big Trigger: Feelings of Suicide are Amplified Amid a Pandemic

18 Mar 2020
What You Need to Know: Coronavirus with Jaye Watson Featuring Dr. Toby Goldsmith

14 Mar 2020
Panic-Buying a Natural Reaction to Uncertainty, Behavioral Experts Say

12 Mar 2020
Mental Health Experts Urge Self-Care to Soothe Coronavirus Anxiety

07 Mar 2020
Suicide has Only Gotten Younger. These Two Families, Bonded by Loss, are Taking Action

21 Feb 2020
VA Focuses on Suicide Prevention After Multiple Veteran Deaths

19 Feb 2020
Why Psychologists are Incorporating HIIT Techniques into Therapy Sessions

13 Feb 2020
Georgia Joins Federal Effort to Fight Suicides Among Troops, Veterans

13 Feb 2020
Emory Looks into Using Psychedelic Drugs as Possible Treatment for Depression (WSB-TV)

13 Feb 2020
Emory Looks into Using Psychedelic Drugs as Possible Treatment for Depression (AJC)

11 Feb 2020
A Silent Epidemic: How to Combat Depression as a Nurse

10 Feb 2020
Science can Cure Heartbreak in Voles, but What About in Humans?

07 Feb 2020
Excessive Fear of the Wuhan Coronavirus can be Dangerous

30 Jan 2020
Life Expectancy Inches Up in US Amid Drop in Drug Overdose Deaths

24 Jan 2020
Scientists are Discovering How Trauma can be Inherited

17 Jan 2020
Prolonged Exposure Therapy and the Making of Shia LeBeouf's 'Honeyboy'

10 Jan 2020
Former Georgia CTSA TL1 Trainee Links Inflammation to Risk for PTSD

24 Dec 2019
Iraq War Veteran Helps Others Recover from Invisible Wounds at Emory

19 Dec 2019
Another Way to Defend Against Depression After the Holidays?

11 Dec 2019
When it Comes to Complex PTSD, Depression, Research Turns to Psychedelics for Treatment

25 Nov 2019
Legislators Examine Mental Health in Maternal Mortality

22 Nov 2019
Memory is Key to a Strong Relationship, a Study Says, but That's Not Always Helpful

12 Nov 2019
Four Ways to Boost Your Body Image in the Studio

12 Nov 2019
Emory Event Explores the Intersection of Psychiatry and the Humanities

11 Nov 2019
Dr. Mark Rapaport 'Top Docs' Interview on Anxiety Disorders

31 Oct 2019
Virtual Reality Simulations Help Veterans with PTSD

17 Oct 2019
CDC Finds Rising Suicide Rates for Young People

08 Oct 2019
Can a Bit of Electricity Improve Your Brain?

07 Oct 2019
Deep Brain Stimulation can be Effective for Severe Depression

05 Oct 2019
Stamping Out the Stigma of Mental Illness

04 Oct 2019
Brain Stimulation Shows Promise in Treating Severe Depression

30 Sep 2019
HIIT Therapy is the Fastest Way to Take Down Anxiety

29 Sep 2019
Can Marijuana Help Treat Autism Symptoms? A New Study Aims to Find Out

12 Sep 2019
Megachurch Pastor, Mental Health Advocate Jarrid Wilson Dies by Suicide

04 Sep 2019
The Case for a Course of Virtual Reality

26 Aug 2019
How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Mom, According to Experts

23 Aug 2019
Opioid Prescription Totals Falling in Georgia Amid Deadly Epidemic

06 Aug 2019
The Perfect Match

25 Jul 2019
Dr. Patrice Harris Sworn-In as the American Medical Association's First Black Female President

10 Jul 2019
Learning Though Improv: A Local Nonprofit's Fun Approach to Teach Students with Autism

29 Jun 2019
Teens who can describe negative emotions are better protected against depression

29 Jun 2019
Teens who can describe negative emotions are better protected against depression, study suggests

28 Jun 2019
Teens who can describe negative emotions can stave off depression

24 Jun 2019
How Inflammation Could Play a Role in Depression and Motivation

24 Jun 2019
Dramatic Suicide Spikes in US Hit Native Groups Hardest

20 Jun 2019
The US Suicide Rate Continues to Climb, Reaching Highest Rate in Decades

19 Jun 2019
The US Suicide Rate is up 33% Since 1999, Research Says

18 Jun 2019
Suicide rates among America's young people continue to soar, study shows

18 Jun 2019
Suicide Rates Among Young People at Highest Point Since 2000: Report

18 Jun 2019
Youth Suicide Rates Continue to Soar in the US, Study Shows

18 Jun 2019
Suicide Rates Among America's Young People Continue to Soar, Study Shows

18 Jun 2019
Youth Suicide Rates Continue to Soar in the US, Study Shows

13 Jun 2019
Dr. Patrice A. Harris Inaugurated as 174th President of the American Medical Association

12 Jun 2019
Introducing AMA's New President

06 Jun 2019
Does Chronic Inflammation Reduce Motivation?

05 Jun 2019
How Chronic Inflammation may Hinder Dopamine, Motivation

02 Jun 2019
"What, Me worry?" How Nurses can Keep the Worries at Bay

30 May 2019
Research Finds Biomarkers May Help Identify People at Risk for Suicide

21 May 2019
Emory Healthcare Veterans Program Celebrates Expansion, Doubling the Number of Veterans Treated

21 May 2019
Emory Doctors Who Treat Veterans with PTSD See Military Trauma First-Hand at Fort Benning

19 May 2019
Next-Generation Antidepressents Show Promise for Treatment-Resistant Disease

19 May 2019
Next-Generation Antidepressents Show Promise for Treatment-Resistant Disease

17 May 2019
Psychiatrists can Care for the "Whole" Patient with Serious Mental Illness

09 May 2019
Emory Expands PTSD, TBI Treatment Program for Military Veterans

07 May 2019
My Friend and I Were Sexually Assaulted by the Same Guy - Our Friendship May Have Saved Us

02 May 2019
Delayed Puberty: Why Not Getting Your Period is a Problem.

02 May 2019
How Massage Therapy can Help Nurses Reduce Stress

02 May 2019
Emory Looks at Innovative Ways to Treat PTSD Patients

29 Apr 2019
When to Screen for Autism? New Study Suggests as Early as 14 Months

29 Apr 2019
Do Expensive Sports or Music Lessons Pay Off? New Study Shows Parents are Banking on Yes

24 Apr 2019
Camp Fire Victims Struggle with Psychological Scars that Torched the Community

19 Apr 2019
Atlanta Psychiatrist Set to Take Reins of American Medical Association

09 Apr 2019
CDC: Number of Youth Committing Suicide on the Rise

08 Apr 2019
Mourning Paradise: Collective Trauma in a Town Destroyed

08 Apr 2019
Kids with Suicidal Thoughts Going to the ER Doubles

07 Apr 2019
Sometimes Depression Means Not Feeling Anything At All

26 Mar 2019
Can the Legacy of Trauma be Passed Down the Generations?

25 Feb 2019
Healing Invisible Wounds: A Look at a Major Push on Veteran's Mental Health

24 Feb 2019
A Pediatrician Exposes Suicide Tips for Children Hidden in Videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids

23 Feb 2019
Can My Dentist Cure Depression?

21 Feb 2019
City Lights: Emory University's "Movie Mania" Film Series

20 Feb 2019
Help! I Think My Friend has an Eating Disorder

07 Feb 2019
Town Hall Takes a Look at Opioid Crisis in Georgia

06 Feb 2019
Education Won't Help Much When it Comes to Dementia

05 Feb 2019
Opioid Town Hall set for This Weekend at Emory School of Medicine

30 Jan 2019
Why Genetic Tests Matter for Autistic People

29 Jan 2019
The Startling Toll on Children Who Witness Domestic Violence is Just Now Being Understood

21 Jan 2019
The Paranormal: Can New Science Explain Old Phenomenon

13 Dec 2018
New Research Suggests How Parents Protect Children from the Long-Term Effects of Stress

06 Dec 2018
Different Combinations of PTSD Medications may be Equally Effective

05 Dec 2018
Emory-Led PTSD Study of Combat Veterans Finds Similar Outcomes Among Common Therapies

03 Dec 2018
Giving Patients a Voice in Their Mental Health Care Before They're too Ill to have a Say

08 Nov 2018
Don't Blame PTSD for Thousand Oaks Shooting, Experts Say

07 Nov 2018
A Psychiatrist's Advice: How To Cope When Your Candidate Loses

02 Nov 2018
For Some Returning Georgia Veterans, it's a Difficult Road Back

16 Oct 2018
One year after #MeToo: Where do We Go from Here?

16 Oct 2018
Women and PTSD: The Public Health Problem Nobody Talks About

09 Oct 2018
Brain Health, Suicide and Opioid Misuse

27 Sep 2018
Indelible in the Hippocampus

18 Sep 2018
Emory Gets $29 Million Grant from Wounded Warrior Project

16 Aug 2018
When and How to Speak Up for Yourself in the Studio

15 Aug 2018
At 18, She Survived a Suicide Attempt

13 Aug 2018
With Short, Intense Sessions, Some Patients Finish Therapy in Just Weeks

07 Aug 2018
Artificial Intelligence Used to Ward Off School Attacks

07 Aug 2018
Autism Diagnosis a Long Wait for Georgia Families

24 Jul 2018
How to Have a Positive Attitude in 9 Frustrating Situations

23 Jul 2018
Danforth Shooting Leaves Toronto Reeling from Another Collective Trauma

17 Jul 2018
Six Expert-Approved Ways to Calm Your Anxiety Enough to Get Some Sleep

11 Jul 2018
After Violent Attack, Man Finds Healing

28 Jun 2018
Gen. Burke Garrett Joins Emory Healthcare Veterans Program as Executive Advisor

20 Jun 2018
Are Suicides Really Preventable? The Statistics Aren't Encouraging

15 Jun 2018
This Life with Gracie: Are Suicides Really Preventable?

14 Jun 2018
Suicide Rates in the US are Rising Faster Among Women than Men

12 Jun 2018
Why are More Americans Taking Their Own Lives, and What can be Done to Stop Them?

10 Jun 2018
Studies Show Suicides Increase in the Months After a Celebrity Takes Their own Life

09 Jun 2018
Four Mental Habits that are Sabotaging Your Dating Life

09 Jun 2018
Rising US Suicide Rates

08 Jun 2018
How to Support Loved Ones Who may be at Risk of Suicide

08 Jun 2018
It's Not a Choice: Trying to Understand Suicide

07 Jun 2018
A New Children's Book Tackles Police Shootings of Unarmed Black Men

07 Jun 2018
Suicide Rates Rise Sharply Across the United States, New Report Shows

01 Jun 2018
Closer Look: The Literary Works of Local Children's Authors

23 May 2018
Why Investigators Feel Certain CDC Researcher Killed Himself

19 May 2018
Sante Fe, Texas, Shooting Underscores How Americans No Longer Feel Safe

14 May 2018
Public Suicides Traumatize Communities, Leave Unanswered Questions

13 May 2018
Jealousy in Dogs: Brain Imaging Shows They're Similar to Us

04 May 2018
What does Your Dog Really Think about You?

30 Apr 2018
Five Things to Know about Inflammation and Depression

27 Apr 2018
Autism Prevalence Jumps 16 Perfect, CDC Says

26 Apr 2018
New Report Shows Slight Uptick in Autism Prevalence

23 Apr 2018
How to Deal with Problematic Dance Partners

17 Apr 2018
Emory Gets $12.7 Million to Continue Researching Oxytocin

17 Apr 2018
Why a Lifesaving Depression Treatment Didn't Pass Clinical Trials, but Could Still be a Groundbreaking Therapy

16 Apr 2018
Emory Receives $12.7 Million Grant to Continue Oxytocin Research

14 Apr 2018
How Dogs View the World: Brain Scans Tell Us What They See

05 Apr 2018
At the Nation's Largest Opioid Conference, Georgians Call for new Ways to Battle the Epidemic

22 Mar 2018
Let's Journey Through the Mind of a Dog

19 Mar 2018
Measuring Animal Intelligence

05 Mar 2018
Sniffing Dogs have Expectations of What They're Looking For

01 Mar 2018
Dr. Richard Storer Ward, "the Father of Child Psychiatry at Emory" has Retired

20 Feb 2018
How Eating Disorders can Affect Young Athletes

14 Feb 2018
Optimism, Confusion Greet Federal Fast Track for Autism Drug

14 Feb 2018
Evolution of Love

09 Feb 2018
Panel Advises Psychiatrists to Target Risk Factors, General Medical Comorbidity

09 Feb 2018
Self-Help Books to Help You Live Your Best Life in 2018

04 Jan 2018
How to Really Accomplish Your Goals in 2018

14 Dec 2017
When Your Emotions Catch You Off Guard This Holiday Season

14 Dec 2017
National Academy of Inventors Names Rothbaum as Fellow

11 Dec 2017
How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise When You have Depression

10 Dec 2017
Why the Resentment? When You take on the Lion's Share of the Holiday Preparations

06 Dec 2017
A Mental Trick to Help You Deal with Rude People this Holiday Season

30 Nov 2017
Ultrasound Could Offer Noninvasive Treatment for Parkinson's and Depression

28 Nov 2017
Why We Cheat at Work

26 Nov 2017
Why the Guilt? When Eating Habits make You Feel Guilty this Holiday Season

12 Nov 2017
Veterans Suffering from PTSD Find Ease Swimming with Whale Sharks

10 Nov 2017
Service Dog Visits Emory Healthcare Veterans Program

05 Nov 2017
Georgia Vet Says Emory Program 'Changed My Whole Life' after Facing Tragedies in Afghanistan

31 Oct 2017
Researchers Grapple with the Ethics of Testing Brain Implants

12 Oct 2017
Opiod crisis: Reckless overprescribing of anti-psychotics is killing veterans

11 Oct 2017
Hurricane Matthew one year later: Storm anxiety has residents asking `Is it all worth it?¿

03 Oct 2017
The Psychological Ripple Effects of Mass Shootings

02 Oct 2017
How to Talk with Your Children About the Las Vegas Shooting

02 Oct 2017
This Life with Gracie: Does Las Vegas Shooting Leave You Scared?

30 Aug 2017
Breaking Free: Atlanta Woman Finds Help for OCD

17 Aug 2017
How to Talk to Your Child About the Lithia Springs School Shooting

16 Aug 2017
Social Interactions Shape Gene Expression in Fragile X Mice

11 Aug 2017
Five Ways You Sabotage Your Own Happiness

30 Jul 2017
A New Way for Therapists to Get Inside Heads: Virtual Reality

29 Jul 2017
Doctors Often Don't Tell You About Drug Side Effects, and That's a Problem

24 Jul 2017
Mental Health Coverage Cuts Result in Extra Costs

14 Jul 2017
Blue Whale Challenge: What Should Parents be on the Lookout for?

10 Jul 2017
Woman Accused of Fatally Stabbing Husband, 4 Children Appears in Court

16 Jun 2017
Emory Doctors Discover Genetic Marker for Resilience

12 Jun 2017
Answers Elusive as Youth Suicides in Georgia Rise Sharply

01 Jun 2017
New Electrical Brain Stimulation Technique Shows Promise in Mice

31 May 2017
Barbara Rothbaum: Using Virtual Reality, this Emory Psychologist Treats Veterans with PTSD

26 May 2017
Closer Look: Manchester Bombing

19 May 2017
Life with Gracie: Flipside of 13 Reasons Why: Grady program helps women choose to live

16 May 2017
State of Mind: Meet Our Experts

11 May 2017
Whose Responsibility Is It to Police Content on Facebook?

20 Apr 2017
Treating Depression with Deep Brain Stimulation Works - Most of the Time

18 Apr 2017
He has Autism. She Doesn't. And They're Best Friends. Here's What We can Learn from Them.

18 Apr 2017
Atlanta Hairdresser Ramps Up Knowledge to Help Cancer Patients

14 Apr 2017
Two Emory faculty elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

13 Apr 2017
Brain Scans May Help Depression Patients Find the Right Treatment

04 Apr 2017
Treating depression is guesswork. Psychiatrists are beginning to crack the code.

03 Apr 2017
Do Schizophrenia and Autism Share the Same Root?

31 Mar 2017
Brain imaging may pinpoint optimal treatment for depression (subscription required)

30 Mar 2017
Massage Makes a Real Difference

30 Mar 2017
Advances In Diagnostic Tests for PTSD

30 Mar 2017
Brain Scans May Help Clinicians Choose Between Talk Therapy and Medication Treatment for Depression

13 Mar 2017
5 Tips for Talking to Your Child About His or Her Autism

10 Mar 2017
The Neuroscience of Seeing an Ex

06 Mar 2017
My Mind Made Me Do It

01 Mar 2017
Facebook offers tools to prevent suicide on Live

26 Feb 2017
When stress becomes physical

20 Feb 2017
Young Georgia woman battles back from major depression

08 Feb 2017
Revenge, recognition and the disturbing trend of live-streamed suicides

19 Dec 2016
Politics adds new anxiety to family get-togethers over the holidays

01 Dec 2016
Hitting the Brain's Reset Button

30 Nov 2016
Clinic offers state-of-the-art space for children on the autistic spectrum

22 Nov 2016
External brain stimulation goes deep

22 Nov 2016
How can people overcome the very real fears of taking to the air?

18 Nov 2016
Babies born addicted to drugs

07 Nov 2016
Your Presidential Candidate Lost. How to Cope With the Crushing Disappointment

01 Nov 2016
The science behind 'fear'

27 Oct 2016
What You REALLY Need To Know About Inflammation

16 Oct 2016
This man built a VR app to cure his fear of spiders

07 Oct 2016
Self harm may predict suicide in vets

28 Sep 2016
Wireless, freely behaving rodent cage helps scientists collect more reliable data

20 Sep 2016
Suicide Risk Factors Vary for Children and Young Teens

17 Sep 2016
Scuba, Parrots, Yoga: Veterans Embrace Alternative Therapies for PTSD

14 Sep 2016
Cocaine addicts often unaware of their risk for relapse

01 Sep 2016
The Fuqua Center for Late-Life Depression

25 Aug 2016
Getting Off the Hedonic Treadmill

22 Aug 2016
Closer Look: Jonesboro Police; Pregnancy; And More

15 Aug 2016
Intergenerational transmission of depression places young people at risk

05 Aug 2016
Do Animals Feel Empathy?

01 Aug 2016
The Psychology of Dictators: Power, Fear, and Anxiety

01 Aug 2016
Marine takes on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

19 Jul 2016
Army 'serious' about tackling anger among combat vets

11 Jul 2016
How to talk to your kids about protests

23 May 2016
Midlife crisis: Is it a myth? Some experts say yes

26 Apr 2016
How DNA Influences Your Sex Life

24 Apr 2016
Emory joins launch of SPARK, the nation's largest autism research study

22 Apr 2016
Report: Third of Suicides in US Are Among Middle-Aged Whites

22 Apr 2016
Report: Third of Suicides in US Are Among Middle-Aged Whites

14 Apr 2016
5 Signs You Might Have Atelophobia, Or The Fear Of Imperfection

06 Apr 2016
5 Myths About Raising A Child With Autism That Need To Go Away

06 Apr 2016
Schumer to 'Glamour': I'm not plus-size

05 Apr 2016
Closer Look: Harken Healthcare; Autism Awareness; And More

01 Apr 2016
CDC reports no change in autism prevalence

30 Mar 2016
Ride the Tiger: A Guide Through the Bipolar Brain

29 Mar 2016
5 Things Parents Do That Children Hates

28 Mar 2016
The 3 Words That Can Change Your Life

18 Mar 2016
How to Stop Negative Self-Talk

11 Mar 2016
Can this nightly ritual really boost your self esteem in 30 days? Let¿s try it

03 Mar 2016
A treatment for Parkinson¿s disease reveals a brain switch for sadness

26 Feb 2016
Your 10 Biggest Antidepressant Problems, Solved

11 Feb 2016
Behavior Brief: A round-up of recent discoveries in behavior research

09 Feb 2016
Healing the invisible wounds of modern warfare

08 Feb 2016
Do animals feel empathy? Inside the decades-long quest for an answer

07 Feb 2016
Console like a vole

29 Jan 2016
CDC: Women need better info on antidepressants and pregnancy

28 Jan 2016
Could a drug that tamps down inflammation lift the fog of depression?

25 Jan 2016
Emory psychiatry department hosts special screening of "Touched With Fire"

15 Jan 2016
How to Make Good Resolutions

12 Jan 2016
Blood test could determine personalized treatments for depression

08 Jan 2016
Anxiety & Fear: Processing threatening stimuli in the age of new media

04 Jan 2016
How To Break Your Nervous Habits

14 Dec 2015
Coping with Holiday Grief

10 Dec 2015
Cheating Prairie Voles Have Worse Memories

04 Dec 2015
Recent News Can Be Overwhelming; Here's How To Deal With It

03 Dec 2015
Drinking During Pregnancy: Why No Amount Of Alcohol Is Safe

25 Nov 2015
Inflammation may be causing depression in about one-third of patients

18 Nov 2015
How counselors help survivors of terrorism

18 Nov 2015
Emory Healthcare Veterans Program is helping veterans heal invisible wounds of war

07 Nov 2015
New survey finds significant number of veterans with PTSD and TBI

06 Nov 2015
New private hospital network to help VA with mental health care for veterans

06 Nov 2015
Family disputes coroner's suicide finding in death of 8-year-old

03 Nov 2015
Atlanta Clinic Battles Phobias Using Virtual Reality

29 Oct 2015
What is the science behind fear?

02 Oct 2015
Oregon College Massacre: How To Talk To Your Kids

17 Sep 2015
When Cancer Comes Back

12 Sep 2015
Choosing a Career

08 Sep 2015
Emory doctor to lead talks about "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

04 Sep 2015
Virtual Realiity Helps Military Sexual Trauma Survivors Confront Past, Find Healing

02 Sep 2015
Love hormone may help autistic children

29 Aug 2015
The Alliance Theatre's Susan Booth and Emory's Dr. Mark Rapaport on "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

26 Aug 2015
`Cuckoo's Nest' brings dark comedy to the Alliance

07 Aug 2015
Ga. Students Make The Leap To A New Phase In Life

06 Aug 2015
Brain Scans May Tailor Treatment for PTSD

01 Aug 2015
Depression, Dissected

30 Jul 2015
When Your Child Has Cancer

23 Jul 2015
Vietnam War Vets Still Plagued by PTSD

02 Jul 2015
Alcoholics Anonymous convention hits Atlanta

24 Jun 2015
Researchers study virtual reality exposure therapy to treat military sexual trauma-related PTSD

24 Jun 2015
Neuroscience: The hard science of oxytocin

16 Jun 2015
At-risk children of mothers with bipolar disorder may benefit from early intervention

12 Jun 2015
A better night's sleep is all in your head

12 Jun 2015
Understanding stress and its signals

09 Jun 2015
Can therapeutic massage alleviate cancer fatigue?

08 Jun 2015
Violence From Weapons Affects One in Four Kids

02 Jun 2015
Wounded Warrior Project selects Emory's Veterans Program to participate in national medical care network

27 May 2015
Summer camp safety: questions parents need to ask

27 May 2015
The Grady Nia Project: Georgia Woman Finds Hope After Suicide Attempts

21 May 2015
Massage Therapy Tested on Cancer Survivors

18 May 2015
Why We Get Hooked On Will-They-Won't-They Relationships, According To A Psychologist

18 May 2015
8 strange things men fear most

14 May 2015
Short-Term Debt Can Depress More Than Your Finances

12 May 2015
Emory Autism Center partners with State of Georgia to help improve care for adults with autism

04 May 2015
My Life: Emory program helps adults on Autism spectrum learn social skills

29 Apr 2015
Brain Health Center to address massive burden of brain disease

28 Apr 2015
Omega-3 may help depression

27 Apr 2015
Targeting depression with deep brain stimulation

27 Apr 2015
Too much social media hurts mental health

20 Apr 2015
Adults with autism learn independence on Emory campus

15 Apr 2015
Can massage help breast cancer fatigue?

17 Mar 2015
Promise of deep-brain stimulation for depression encourages research into other mental illnesses

18 Feb 2015
Researchers explore the science behind monogamy

16 Feb 2015
French babies swapped at birth awarded compensation

12 Feb 2015
Catching Alzheimer¿s before Memory Slips

06 Feb 2015
How extreme fear shapes what we remember

29 Jan 2015
4 All-Natural Weight Loss Tricks That Work

22 Jan 2015
Award-winning suicide prevention app available on Emory iTunes

21 Jan 2015
Oxytocin for Autism?

20 Jan 2015
New Promise of Relief for Major Depression

17 Jan 2015
One Exercise Sure to Make You Feel Better About Yourself

15 Jan 2015
PCORI¿s promise to patients

08 Jan 2015
To Treat Depression, Drugs or Therapy

19 Dec 2014
Unbroken: what makes some people more resilient than others?

16 Dec 2014
What Do You Wish For?

07 Dec 2014
My quest to flush out open house crashers

26 Nov 2014
What Kind of Therapist ¿ and Which Type of Therapy ¿ Is Right for You?

13 Nov 2014
Rebooting the brain

11 Nov 2014
Cancer: The Uninvited Thanksgiving Guest

10 Nov 2014
NCAA Institute Tackling Mental Health Concerns of Athletes

30 Oct 2014
Science of Fear: Startle response

25 Sep 2014
Mighty muscles may stave off depression

25 Sep 2014
Muscle to Mind

16 Sep 2014
Corporal Punishment on Decline, Debate Renews

09 Sep 2014
On Janay Rice, the wrong questions

09 Sep 2014
10 best apps to train your brain

08 Sep 2014
Fact or Fiction?: Oxytocin Is the 'Love Hormone'

05 Sep 2014
Leonard Howell appointed Yerkes associate director for scientific programs

05 Sep 2014
How psychology can help Ferguson heal

22 Aug 2014
Depression's Dance With Inflammation

13 Aug 2014
Emory researchers examine how virtual reality can treat veterans' PTSD

13 Aug 2014
Kids' Responses to Infections Linked with Depression Risk

12 Aug 2014
Nadine Kaslow on Robin Williams' Suicide

06 Aug 2014
Research on Psychiatric Disorders Targets Inflammation

21 Jul 2014
A potentially deadly effort to save babies from hot car deaths

09 Jul 2014
5 things you may not know about post-traumatic stress

27 Jun 2014
The anatomy of fear

24 Jun 2014
Virtual Reality Therapy Shows New Benefits

12 Jun 2014
Depression's Dance With Inflammation

12 Jun 2014
Can Massage Improve the Fundamentals of Your Body's Health? New Medical Research Points to Yes

03 Jun 2014
Stress and the susceptible brain

02 Jun 2014
Here's What Happens To The Mind After 5 Years of Captivity

28 May 2014
10 Best Apps to Train Your Brain

21 May 2014
Helping pregnant women cope with anxiety

20 May 2014
Stressed out teens

20 May 2014
Beezin' may be bogus, but other dopey teen fads can bite back

14 May 2014
Brain circuits may control parental behavior

13 May 2014
Being bullied is bad for your health

12 May 2014
Health care crisis looms as China faces elderly dementia upsurge

10 May 2014
Dr. Kaslow talks about the final letter left behind by the FedEx shooter

29 Apr 2014
Suicide by poisonous gas a dangerous method that is growing nationally

28 Apr 2014
Precise brain mapping can improve response to deep brain stimulation in depression

25 Apr 2014
American Academy of Arts and Sciences elects neuroscientist Larry Young

23 Apr 2014
Are you a workaholic?

22 Apr 2014
First findings of virtual reality exposure therapy for PTSD

21 Apr 2014
Venezuelans in Atlanta protest regime

17 Apr 2014
IV Ketamine rapidly effective in PTSD

14 Apr 2014
Real-world patient survey data shows negative impact of nocturia

07 Apr 2014
Study: Alcohol interferes with male partnering

07 Apr 2014
Victims of onscreen violence are getting younger

04 Apr 2014
What PTSD costs families

03 Apr 2014
Emory professor treats soldiers with PTSD

26 Mar 2014
Therapists' apps aim to help with mental health issues

19 Mar 2014
Emory ADHD expert refutes Chicago doctor's take on disorder

19 Mar 2014
Neuroscience: Tuning the brain

13 Mar 2014
The therapy pill: Forget your phobia in fast forward

04 Mar 2014
Imprint of chemotherapy linked to inflammation in breast cancer survivors

18 Feb 2014
You're fired. Now what?

16 Feb 2014
Research on chimpanzees gives new insight into autism spectrum disorders

12 Feb 2014
Chemical cures for the lovesick

04 Feb 2014
How heroin kills you

31 Jan 2014
Mayberg to discuss brain stimulation and depression

24 Jan 2014
Could Pot Help Veterans With PTSD? Brain Scientists Say Maybe

21 Jan 2014
What can rodents tell us about why humans love?

11 Jan 2014
Scientists prove that the smell of fear can be inherited through genes and then passed down through two generations

06 Jan 2014
The Brain, in Exquisite Detail

26 Dec 2013
Researchers identify gene that influences the ability to remember faces

23 Dec 2013
A New Focus on Depression

14 Dec 2013
Deep brain stimulation provides relief other treatments can't

06 Dec 2013
Raymond Young, MD, chosen as a 2014 Woodruff Leadership Academy fellow

01 Dec 2013
'Memories' pass between generations

01 Dec 2013
Immune system may play crucial role in mental health

25 Nov 2013
AAAS and Emory University School of Medicine announce 2013 Fellow

19 Nov 2013
Girls switched at birth are happy where they are

18 Nov 2013
Emory offers counseling for pregnant women

15 Nov 2013
Mice inherit the fears of their fathers

01 Nov 2013
Short-circuiting depression

01 Nov 2013
Suicide prevention group holds annual walk

01 Nov 2013
Dr. Rapaport and Dr. Brown nominated for positions as officers in APA

30 Oct 2013
Pasta and carb-rich food linked with depression and inflammation

24 Oct 2013
Emory Autism Center, Atlanta airport train employees to assist individuals with autism

24 Oct 2013
Agency initiative will focus on advancing deep brain stimulation

22 Oct 2013
Airport workers to participate in autism training

19 Oct 2013
More older Georgians are aging alone

17 Sep 2013
Suicide prevention app awarded $50,000 prize at White House conference

13 Sep 2013
New behavioral therapy improves antidepressant treatment of OCD

11 Sep 2013
Emory to study Swedish massage therapy in cancer

10 Sep 2013
Mission: Leap of faith

08 Sep 2013
Picking death over eviction

06 Sep 2013
The new science of mind

04 Sep 2013
Study: Yelling at teens is not effective

20 Aug 2013
Thousands honor Elvis Presley at Graceland Vigil

14 Aug 2013
Team approach vital to treating patients with mental illness

17 Jun 2013
Talk therapy or antidepressant? A brain scan predicts which works best for your depression

17 Jun 2013
Minority children with autism lack access to specialists

12 Jun 2013
Brain scan predicts best therapy for depression

04 Jun 2013
Dr. Drexler talks of changes at Atlanta VA

03 Jun 2013
Dr. Kotwicki comments on Presidents Mental Health Speech

01 Jun 2013
Dr. Nadine Kaslow featured in cover story, pg 68

29 May 2013
Emory Autism Center part of blood test study

28 May 2013
Dr. Vahedzadeh receives Laughlin Award

28 May 2013
Dr. Phillips reports that China's suicide rate has plummeted

21 May 2013
Dr. Mayberg awarded Pasarow Award

20 May 2013
Dr. Claire Coles refutes assumptions about "Crack Babies" in the NYTimes

16 May 2013
Dr. Kaslow comments on CDC study re: Children and Mental Illness

14 May 2013
Dr. Rothbaum investigates virtual reality for fear of flying

13 May 2013
Dr. Kaslow recieves Jefferson Award at Emory Graduation

10 May 2013
Dr. Kaslow is Dr. Dancer

02 May 2013
Dr. Ressler discusses distinct gene patterns in abused children relating to later PTSD

23 Apr 2013
Dr. Mayberg answers questions about deep brain stimulation

23 Mar 2013
Dr. Lisa Parr's work on facial recognition in apes referred to in WSJ article

20 Mar 2013
Dr. Morrier discusses the prevalence of autism

08 Mar 2013
Dr. Rakofsky interviews patient with Bipolar Disorder

28 Feb 2013
Dr. Vahabzadeh receives AMA leadership award

22 Feb 2013
Michael Morrier discusses the Walden School program for Autism

15 Feb 2013
Dr. Miller discusses depression and it's effect on shingles vaccine

08 Feb 2013
Dr. Rakofsky talks of stress triggers and ways to avoid them

07 Feb 2013
Dr. Kaslow warns of long recovery for kidnapping victim

30 Jan 2013
Dr. Kaslow incorporates love of dance with healing

17 Jan 2013
Shanghai-Emory Collaborative Mental Health Center Announced

03 Jan 2013
Deep brain stimulation is option to treat depression says Dr. Mayberg

02 Jan 2013
Dr. Ash on bullying rejection and shooters

02 Jan 2013
Dr. Plotsky talks of a new focus on "Post "in PTSD

01 Jan 2013
Dr. Schwartz talks about dealing with New Year's Resolutions

21 Dec 2012
Dr. Kotwicki tells of help available for people who need it

18 Dec 2012
Kaslow/Cubells Tragedy puts Mental Health in the News

18 Dec 2012
Dr. Kaslow on Brian Lehrer about difficulties in treating mental illness in children

18 Dec 2012
Dr. Cubells and Dr. Kaslow discuss responses to shooting

18 Dec 2012
Dr. Ash on risk factors among shooters

17 Dec 2012
Dr. Kerry Ressler on Charlie Rose about PTSD

16 Dec 2012
Dr. Kaslow on workplace bullying

14 Dec 2012
Dr. Kaslow on how to talk to you child about CT. shootings

14 Dec 2012
Dr. Kalsow's advice for coping with shooting tragedy

13 Dec 2012
Dr. Kaslow comments on nurse suicide in the UK

12 Dec 2012
Emory researcher, Larry Young, receives national research award

13 Nov 2012
Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, elected president of the American Psychological Association

08 Nov 2012
Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD, receives Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award

15 Oct 2012
Institute of Medicine elects Emory researcher Kerry Ressler, MD

25 Sep 2012
Atlanta School of Massage and Emory University partner in research study

13 Sep 2012
Larry Young's book, The Chemistry Between Us, was released on Sept. 13th 2012

12 Sep 2012
Dr. Kaslow: a dancer's orientation

12 Sep 2012
Dr. Coles: WABE interview on prenatal alcohol exposure treatment

10 Sep 2012
Dr. Miller on WPBA discussing depression and inflamation relationship

10 Sep 2012
Credit card modified for use with recovering addicts

07 Sep 2012
Tempted to quit antidepressants?

06 Aug 2012
Study shows frequent massage sessions boost biological benefits

20 Jul 2012
Children in foster care develop resilience through compassion

06 Jul 2012
Dr. Barbara Rothbaum: Speedy intervention may stop PTSD before it begins

06 Jul 2012
Dr. Barbara Rothbaum: Speedy intervention may stop PTSD before it begins

06 Jul 2012
Dr. Nadine Kaslow: George Zimmerman and the Rush to Judgment

28 May 2012
Emory's Depression Expertise is helping the Nation's Veterans

19 Apr 2012
Dr. Helen Mayberg: Hope for People Battling Depression

15 Apr 2012
Dr. Helen Mayberg: CNN Presents, The Battery Powered Brain

02 Apr 2012
Dr. Andrew Miller: Why Stress Might Make You Sick