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Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship

Director: Peter Ash, MD
Psychiatry - Suite 200
12 Executive Park Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: (404) 727-3244

Level: PGY-5 and above
Positions: 3
Annual Stipend: $74,000 (2021-2022)
Accreditation: ACGME

The Emory forensic fellowship began in 1993. The Psychiatry and Law Service is in large part supported by a grant from the State of Georgia, and, in consequence, is closely involved with various state departments which deal with forensic and mental health patients. This blend of state government interest and private university academic orientation has produced a growing program which emphasizes forensic teaching, public policy development, research, and, for child psychiatrists, a variety of child forensic experiences. In keeping with this orientation, the program strives to provide flexibility in experiences depending on a fellow's interests. The training program was accredited in forensic psychiatry by the ACGME in 1997 when the ACGME began accrediting forensic training programs, and has continued to be accredited since that time.

The program offers a wide variety of clinical experiences in both criminal and civil work.  For fellows who have completed a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry, a wide variety of child forensic experiences are available.  Clinical experiences are discussed in more detail here.

Didactic experiences

The Director conducts a weekly case-oriented seminar and a weekly seminar on the non-criminal AAPL Landmark Cases. There are additional seminars at other sites on various forensic topics. Considerable individual supervision is provided. Fellows may audit one course each term at the Emory University School of Law. The teaching conferences, grand rounds, etc., of the Emory psychiatry department are open to fellows. The Service pays travel and tuition expenses to the Forensic Psychiatry Review Course, which is given in conjunction with the annual meeting of AAPL, and pays expenses to the AAPL meeting.



The Emory fellowship is academically oriented, and the program strives to create new knowledge in forensic psychiatry. Fellows are encouraged in to participate in ongoing research projects or to develop their own. Fellows are required to submit proposals to present at the annual AAPL meeting, and extensive supervision is provided to enable them to do so.

Being a teacher

Fellows participate in training other professionals and in helping train psychiatry and child psychiatry residents who rotate through the program. Finally, fellows are responsible for presenting at a seminar on forensic psychiatry for general psychiatry residents.


The staff currently consists of 1.6 FTE forensic psychiatrists at Emory and Grady, five additional forensic psychiatrists who supervise at the other clinical site placements (inpatient forensic, sex offender treatment clinic, etc.), and a number of forensic psychiatrists in private practice. The Director is Board-certified in child and adolescent psychiatry, as well as forensic psychiatry. Additional staff includes a forensic neuropsychologist, several forensic psychologists, a social worker, and consulting attorneys.

Salary and fringe benefits

The annual PGY-5 salary for 2021-2022 will be at least $74,000.  In the event Emory determines a higher rate for PGY-5s, fellows will be paid at the higher rate.  Fellows who are PGY-6 or above are paid at a higher rate. Fellows receive the standard benefit package associated with being a house officer at Emory. In addition, benefits include travel support to the annual AAPL meeting and various regional meetings and the expenses of taking the annual review course in forensic psychiatry given in conjunction with the annual AAPL meeting.  Fellows are provided with a laptop computer to use during their fellowship.


Details about the application process are found here.