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Bite-Sized Teaching

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The Bite-Sized Teaching (BST) conference is a novel resident-taught lecture series that provides high-yield, engaging lectures in a time-efficient and memorable manner. In the BST conference, three trainees give 8-minute talks during a noon conference related to the theme of the day, followed by Q&A. A faculty coach is assigned to each trainee to mentor them in content selection, innovative use of audiovisual materials, and lecture delivery. The content is developed with the idea in mind of educating trainees on important topics within psychiatry. 

Our audience survey feedback indicates that learners appreciate the brevity and creativity of these lectures and their shorter format. By using residents as teachers, this conference format has the added benefit of providing residents with the opportunity to grow as educators and develop their public speaking skills.

Recent presentations at the BST conference have included:

Psychiatry in a Global Health Crisis

  • Collateral Damage: COVID-19 and the CNS (presenter: Karen Giles, MD)
  • Delivery of Inpatient Psychiatric Care and Challenges During COVID-19 (presenter: Aniket Malhotra, MBBS)
  • "Are You There?": Understanding Therapeutic Alliance in Virtual Encounters (presenter: Joseph Vinson, MD)


  • Racial Disparities in Schizophrenia Diagnosis (presenter: Jennifer Grant, MD, PhD)
  • Psychological Impacts of Residential Mobility (presenter: Benson Ku, MD)
  • The Impact of Racial/Ethnic Matching on Therapeutic Alliance (presenter: Carolina Medeiros, MD)

Women’s Mental Health

  • Talking about FSD: Fake It 'til You Make It (presenter: Jessica Chang, MD)
  • Contraception in Women with Mental Illness (presenter: Brittany Friend, MD)
  • Pseudocyesis and Delusions of Pregnancy (presenter: Ashley Subler, MD)


  • Nootropics, Smart Drugs, and Psychostimulants? (presenter: David Thylur, MD)
  • An Epistemological and Values Based Approach to Informed Consent in Serious Mental Illness (presenter: Nathan Scheiner, MD)
  • Limb Self-Amputation (presenter: Jack Van Bezooyen, MD)

CL Psychiatry

  • Whip it Good; Whippets Bad (presenter: Jesse Mahautmr, MD)
  • The Right to Remain SILENT: A Look into the Syndrome of Irreversible Lithium-Effectuated Neurotoxicity (presenter: Liz McCord, MD)
  • Alternative Treatment Strategies for Catatonia (presenter: Adam Rudolph, MD)


  • Media Risk Assessment: Is Suicide Contagious? (presenter: Carolina Medeiros, MD)
  • Interpersonal Theory of Suicidal Behavior (presenter: Yara Mekawi, MA)
  • Suicide & Social Media: 140 Characters or Less (presenter: Hannah Potvin, MD)


  • Hispanic Mental Health Through the Lens of Intersectionality (presenter: Andrea Florez, PhD)
  • Mental Health Outreach in Faith-Based Communities (presenter: Hassan Naqvi, MD)
  • The Pew and the Couch: The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Recovery (presenter: Joseph Vinson, MD)

Feedback from attendees:

  • “I enjoyed the opportunity to learn directly from my colleagues.”
  • “The multiple, short presentations were engaging and kept my attention.”
  • “Brings together residents and faculty at all levels.”
  • “Short, sweet, to the point.”
  • “Fun, quick facts, resident driven.”
  • “Short, easy to digest and stay focused.”
  • “Good effort by residents, fun to see different styles.”
  • “Timely, informative, relevant.”
  • “Great review of current topics in psychiatry.”
  • “Engaging and memorable presentations.”