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Laura Jane Miller, MD

Assistant Professor
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences




Laura Jane Miller, MD, is board certified in child and adolescent and adult psychiatry.  She completed undergraduate, medical school, and child psychiatry fellowship at Emory.  She left briefly to Boston to complete her adult psychiatry residency at the Cambridge Health Alliance at Harvard Medical School, a community mental health program.  There she learned the foundations of therapy in a population that was heavily traumatized, impoverished, and simultaneously wonderfully resilient.  Seeing the impact of child adversity on these adults, she decided to pursue a child psychiatry fellowship in the hopes of helping families find a better course earlier on and found that one must go back even farther to the origins of a new life.  As she finished fellowship, she began yet another certification program through UMass Boston in Infant Parent Mental Health.  She created the Supporting Parent Relationship with their Infants Through Early Childhood (SPRITE) program to better serve the needs of families with children 0-5.  Her research interests lie in understanding early childhood relationships and their impact on development.  She also has developed an infant mental health curriculum for child psychiatry fellows and emphasizes early development with all her contact with medical students and residents.  She is currently serving on the exploratory board to create the official Georgia chapter of the Alliance for Infant Mental Health.  She is also certified in Parent Child Interaction Therapy, an evidence based, highly impactful therapy for parents and children, and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat PTSD in children as young as three years old.