Strategic Plan


The Grady Nia Project’s mission is to empower African American women survivors of abuse, experiencing suicidal thoughts to access behavioral health services, find a new sense of purpose, lead more meaningful lives, and affirm their commitment to living a violence-free life.


The Grady Nia Project aspires to:

  • Serve as a local, regional, and national model for accessible, culturally competent, evidence-based, comprehensive, and compassionate care for low-income African American women
  • Improve women’s life circumstances by empowering them to secure safe and stable housing, further their education, become community volunteers, access job training, and attain employment
  • Prepare future generations of culturally aware and humble behavioral health care leaders and scientist-practitioners
  • Engage the community by uniting practitioners, scholars, and community members in program improvement, dissemination, and evaluation
  • Reduce health disparities by providing quality behavioral health care to underserved communities locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Spearhead community advocacy and policy formation development related to ameliorating two critical public health problems: intimate partner violence and suicide


Goal 1: Improve and expand the Grady Nia Project’s behavioral health programming

Goal 2: Increase access to Grady Nia Projects’ services to reduce health disparities based on gender, race, and class

Goal 3: Enhance advocacy efforts related to preventing suicide and intimate partner violence

Goal 4: Create a sustainable and self-sufficient financial infrastructure that supports program initiatives, implementation, and dissemination

Click here for a copy of the complete Nia Project Strategic Plan.