Services offered by the Education/Transition team include:

K-12 Consultation

  • Classroom observation and teacher feedback
  • Interviews of teachers and parents
  • Behavioral intervention planning, including Functional Behavior Assessments
  • Peer programming
  • Social skills assessment and intervention planning
  • Individualized Education Program review and goal planning
  • Ongoing follow up and progress monitoring


  • K-12 systems level training
  • Post-secondary education training

Inclusion Projects

  • Large scale system-wide, multi-year projects to support inclusive education for students with ASD
  • Consultation to universities and colleges to promote enhanced supports for college students with ASD, including peer mentoring programs

Parent Support and Goal Planning

  • Parent meetings to discuss initial ASD concerns, goal setting, educational and home-based strategies, IEP reviews, etc.
  • Transition planning


  • Transition assessments in collaboration with Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency
  • Psychoeducational evaluations
  • Independent educational evaluations

Individual Counseling

  • Individual counseling for adolescents and young adults using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy framework