Emory Oaks


A support program for Emory University students with ASD

Current Services

Emory Autism Center has been providing services for college students with ASD throughout its nearly 30-year history. In recent years, we have formalized these supports in the form of (a) training for university faculty, staff, and student organizations; (b) individual skill building services and care management for college students with ASD; and (c) group-based social engagement opportunities. Our team has partnered with key University stakeholders including: Office of Undergraduate Education, Office of Equity and Inclusion, Office of Accessibility Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Psychiatry, Career Center, Emory Institute for Liberal Arts, Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, Emory University Department of Psychology and the Goizueta SPARK mentorship and Emory Autism Awareness student groups.

Impact and Outcomes

Emory students diagnosed with ASD will experience a smoother transition into the college environment. Over time, they will experience improved academic (including retention and graduation) and social outcomes, development of pivotal adult life skills and placement in career/employment opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion

All Emory University students will experience critical opportunities for inclusion, co-learning and leadership. Program faculty and University stakeholders will engage in scholarship activities. Finally, the program will continue to partner with Atlanta community stakeholders to increase ASD awareness and understanding, opportunities for employment and opportunities for community inclusion and social participation.

Program Components

Emory Oaks is comprised of four pillars of support, which we believe are essential for students to be successful in college and beyond graduation. Emory Oaks will also have a heavy emphasis on case management and care coordination to ensure that separate entities across Emory’s campus are working cohesively to support each student. Students in the Emory Oaks program will also have access to mentors and be able to plug in to mentor networks related to their future career aspirations.