Prescription Policy

To All Clients and Families: 

To provide the best quality of care, we ask you please note our policy regarding prescriptions.

  • Prescriptions are generally provided at appointments. Following guidelines of the Emory Clinic, prescriptions for non-controlled medications are sent electronically to the pharmacy of the patient’s choosing. For controlled medications, written prescriptions are provided at appointments following Georgia and Federal Law.
  • The practitioners at the Medication Monitoring Clinic (MMC) make an effort to write prescriptions with sufficient refills until the next appointment.
  • In the case of stimulant medications, prescriptions must by law be written with no refills, and can only be provided in writing. It is NOT possible to call in refills for stimulants. For patients who require a refill of a stimulant medication prior to the next appointment, please call the MMC at least one week before the medication runs out, to provide time for pick-up of written refill prescriptions.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.