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Women Faculty Subcommittee


The mission of the Women Faculty in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Subcommittee is to promote a culture that actively supports the successful professional and personal development of all women faculty in our department through education, advocacy, and mentoring.


  • Promote a welcoming, safe, respectful, diverse, and inclusive community within our department
  • Promote an environment that does not accept or tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Provide resources for professional development and for work-life balance and wellness
  • Provide opportunities for networking and mentorship for women in our department
  • Recognize individual accomplishments and promote practices that support women’s career advancement
  • Support the successful recruitment, retention, mentorship, and promotion of diverse faculty in the department
  • Act as resource for all women within the department
  • Partner with other relevant committees within the Emory University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences to promote shared goals (i.e., Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee; Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Minority Faculty Subcommittee; Wellness Committee; etc.)
  • Establish partnerships and collaborations with other organizations of women faculty in the university and medical center as well as regionally and nationally


  • Articulated mission and goals
  • Developed resource list for faculty members which was presented at new faculty orientation and added to the website
  • Hosted Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie event
  • Hosted journal club event with Susan Margulies on communication essentials for females to develop leadership presence
  • Hosted book club event on negotiating skills for women
  • Increased nominations of women for departmental and institutional awards
  • Started outreach program from the department for new parents 
  • Developed a platform for women faculty to engage in collaboration, support, and mentorship
  • Practiced graceful self-promotion and other related skills during committee meetings
  • Created a group of faculty members willing to serve as a resource for people going on parental leave
  • Collaborated with Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Minority Subcommittee to develop a departmental Diversity Award 
  • Hosted mentorship advising meeting related to career development and promotion (along with RECM committee) 

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