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The Didactic Curriculum, guided by principles of adult learning theory, is one of the cornerstones of the resident learning experience at Emory.  Faculty are encouraged to facilitate an innovative learning experience that actively engages the learner, increases retention of the material, uses technology (when appropriate), and helps to fuel a spirit of lifelong learning and inquiry.

Didactics are held on Wednesday mornings at 12 Executive Park, and all classes have protected time to attend.  Didactics are divided into 28 modules, each organized by a faculty module leader who is a subject matter expert.  Lectures within the modules are distributed across the four years, and correspond with clinical experiences of the residents.  The largest modules are Psychotherapy (66 lectures), Mood and Anxiety Disorders (41 lectures), and Psychotic Disorders (21 lectures). 

While interns are on medicine months, they are able to attend the psychiatry didactics on Wednesday morning.  In addition to the Wednesday morning curriculum, PGY-1 and 2 residents have additional site-specific educational opportunities at Grady, Wesley Woods, and at the VA. Click here to download didactic map for the PGY-1 seminars at Grady.

Resident feedback is valued and evaluation forms are completed online.  There is a monthly committee, the Education Subcommittee, in which residents and faculty gather to analyze feedback from educational experiences and promote new ways to deliver material. 

Creating a playdough brain model in the neuroscience didactic module.