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Addiction Services

The Emory Healthcare Addiction Service implements a multidisciplinary treatment approach for the management of substance use for individuals ages 14 and older. Services include outpatient individual therapy, parent guidance, psychiatric consultation, support groups, and medication-assisted treatment. We also specialize in treatment for individuals with both addiction and psychiatric disorders, identified as having a “dual diagnosis” or a “co-occurring disorder.” Individuals who are dually diagnosed often face various psychosocial stressors. Simultaneous treatment of both conditions often leads to successful long-term recovery. Long-term recovery involves a strong recovery support network and learning healthy skills that influence relationships and decision-making. Emory Adolescent Substance Use Treatment Services (EAST) is a specialized subdivision of the Addiction Services, and provides specialized care to people ages 14-26. Our multidisciplinary team consists of Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrists/Child Psychiatrist, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, psychologists, and is a training site for addiction and child/adolescent psychiatry fellows. The clinic also implements evidence-based practices while collecting data and patient measures for research purposes. 

Our clinicians utilize the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA), a cognitive behavioral model for substance use treatment.  This approach helps patients develop and strengthen relapse prevention skills by identifying external and internal triggers for use, patterns of using behavior, consequences of use, and effective techniques in resisting pressures to use. We believe that an individual’s culture, background, family and belief systems are all important aspects of individualized care. Patients are also strongly encouraged to participate in community support groups to assist in developing and strengthening their support network while in and after treatment.

Emory Healthcare and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation are joining forces to build a unique strategic alliance that creates a comprehensive approach to addiction in the state of Georgia. The Addiction Alliance of Georgia is a collaborative, community-based model that integrates addiction-focused treatment, prevention, research, and educational initiatives. 

Please visit the Addiction Alliance of Georgia website to learn more.

To Make a Referral: Please contact the call center at 404-778-5526. All intakes are screened by phone and will be reviewed weekly by the Addiction Service before scheduling. An intake coordinator will return your call after the team has met. The clinic is a branch of Emory Healthcare, and accepts similar insurances.


  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Parent guidance and support
  • Psychiatric consultation and treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment: Including buprenorphine (Suboxone) and monthly naltrexone injections (Vivitrol)

We are currently recruiting subjects for our young adult women’s group, as well as our medication-assisted treatment study for young adults with opioid use. For more information, email

Click here for information on the Women's Recovery Group.

Click here for information on the Medication-Assisted Treatment Study. 


Addiction Services