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Guided by a scientist-practitioner model, the internship program seeks to provide generalist training that facilitates the consolidation of knowledge, skills, and attitudes corresponding to specific competencies in health service psychology.  Over the course of the training year, interns gain increasing autonomy in the conduct of professional roles and responsibilities while also consolidating their professional identities as psychologists.

In accordance with this overarching framework, the principal aim of the internship training program is to prepare interns to function competently, ethically, culturally responsively, respectfully, collaboratively, and compassionately across a broad range of professional activities that are congruent with their career aspirations, interests, values, and priorities and also align with the needs of the communities they serve and the overall public interest. Consistent with this principal aim, the specific aims of the internship program are to facilitate the development of psychologists who demonstrate the capacity for independent professional functioning in the health service psychology competency domains encompassing: (1) assessment, (2) intervention, (3) consultation and interprofessional/interdisciplinary skills, (4) supervision; (5) research; (6) professional values, attitudes, and behaviors; (7) communication and interpersonal skills; (8) individual and cultural diversity; and (9) ethical and legal standards.