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Service Portfolio FAQ

How long should my Service Portfolio be?
The SOM guidelines indicate that a Service Portfolio can be a maximum of 10 pages. As a general rule of thumb, your written documentation should be 4-6 pages and your support documents (including letters) should be 4-6 pages.

What should be included in a Service Portfolio?
Service and teaching should be included in a Service Portfolio. Presenting a lecture for Grand Rounds is teaching while presenting a lecture for a local organization or alliance is considered a service. You can also view the Service Portfolio Template for School of Medicine. 

How do you differentiate between a Service Portfolio and a Teaching Portfolio and can the content overlap?
Although there can be an overlap between content, the service portfolio should focus more on service (i.e., service leadership programs). The teaching portfolio should reflect participation with training programs, directing a course, or judging of science fairs.

How do you maintain a Service Portfolio?
Service Portfolio should start now and be updated every time a service is performed. It is essential to keep accurate records and collect letters of services completed.

What should service look like for each track (i.e., Clinical, Tenure, MEST, and Research)?
Service does not have to look different for each track. There are many similarities such as service on a relevant committee at the institutional, local or national level.  However, there may be some differences as well. Clinical track focuses on clinical service leadership (e.g., running a clinical program and volunteering in clinical activities). MEST concentrates on activities such as teaching programs and/or directing courses. Research track is centered on journal reviews and editorial board membership, grant reviews and service on study section, conference organization, etc. Tenure track may be a combination of all of the above. 

What level of service is required for promotion to Associate Professor versus Full Professor?
Service at the Professor level requires significant leadership roles – e.g., Chair or President of a group, Editor of a journal, Director of a major clinical or training program, Chair of a major conference, etc. Service for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor requires participation in the aforementioned activities, but not necessarily key leadership roles. It also differs by quantity of an activity. For example, promotion to the rank of Professor will involve participation on more editorial boards than does promotion to the rank of Associate Professor.

Should community involvement be included on the Service Portfolio?
Yes, community involvement should be included under the community activities section of the Service Portfolio. Community involvement does not have to be directly related to Psychiatry. Examples are assisting at a shelter or directing a church choir.

Can Media/Press coverage be represented on the Service Portfolio?
Yes, media and press coverage can and should be represented under the community activities section of the Service Portfolio.

What distinguishes important vs. unimportant media coverage?
Any media coverage is applicable in a Service Portfolio.